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Victron Multicontroller
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Victron Quattro 3000W Victron Quattro 3000W
Victron Quattro 3000W

Zanshin I originally had no large inverter to convert 12VDC battery power to 230VAC (just a small one to power the television and games console); the AC powered battery charger was also somewhat undersized and only converted a fraction of the potential output from the generator to recharge the onboard batteries. Apart from charging the battery faster than before thus making the best use out of my generator, I had my power-hungry espresso machine that I wanted to be able to run without having to turn on the generator. An inverter can convert the DC energy from the on-board batteries into AC power and that was just what I wanted. Inverters used to power a laptop or cell-phone charger and other similar AC device are small and inexpensive, but one that can supply a large amount of power is complex and expensive. The Victron unit I bought not only charges the batteries at their maximum rate of absorption, it can run the espresso machine and other AC devices. In addition, it can use battery power to augment weak shore or generator AC power; e.g. if the generator only supplies 15A but the demand is 20A it will automatically supply the missing 5A from the batteries, at least as long as they last.
27/04/2010 Upon returning and splashing Zanshin I I found that the batteries were down to 8V and once I got hooked up to shore power the Victron merrily started charging the batteries at 90A. I dialed down the power setting to just 40 amps since I knew that I'd be at the docks for at least 2 days and didn't want to overheat anything. Much to my surprise when I woke up the next morning the batteries were down to 12v and the system wasn't charging at all. I tried and tested everything to no avail and concluded that the charger part had died (the inverter was working). I hooked up the unit via it's proprietary communications cable to my PC and checked the system settings. There was an ominous tick-box 'Turn off charging after 10 hours' marked on and I turned that off and reset the system, but that didn't do anything. I had a 2 page letter to Victron support written, with included screen shots and multi meter shots when I realized that I had turned the system off at the remote control panel but not at the unit itself and, fortunately, that did the trick. It seems that there is no auto-reset if the system bulk charges for more than 10 hours.

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Inverter installation Installing the Victron Inverter/Charger aboard Zanshin I in St. Martin.
(2009-04-04 19:32:42 DSC-N2 [f/2.8, 10/400s] ISO 200)
Inverter installation
Victron inverter/charger Installing the Victron Inverter/Charger aboard Zanshin I in St. Martin.
(2009-04-04 23:40:44 DSC-N2 [f/2.8, 10/400s] ISO 160)
Victron inverter/charger
Lots of cables Lots of cables to content with while installing the Victron inverter/charger aboard Zanshin I.
Lots of cables
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