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Frigoboat Controller This is the controller unit (the white box at the left with the green light) that I replaced with the SSC unit which regulates the compressor speed in order to save energy.
Frigoboat Controller
SSC Controllers These Smart Speed Controllers for the fridge and freezer "learn" from recent power usage and save power by varying the current to the Danfoss compressors. The savings were very noticeable after I installed these devices in St. Martin.
SSC Controllers

Zanshin I has both a freezer and a refrigerator. These draw most of the electrical power that the boat needs in order to keep food and beverages cold in these tropical waters. The system is manufactured by Frigoboat and uses aDanfoss compressor running off 12V to pump the heat away. The freezer uses a keel-cooler, which moves the warmth to a metal plate on the outside of the hull below the waterline; this is quiet and relatively efficient. The refrigerator has a fan that pumps the warmth into the galley area and does make quite a bit of noise audible when nothing else is active on the boat.

The experts at Frostline recommended that I get the “Smart-Speed-Control” unit for the refrigeration unit(s); this dynamically changes the compressor run speeds so that it always runs an optimal amount of time, this will hopefully reduce the energy load for the system.

At the time of writing, I haven't found a way to get at the freezer compressor to install the second unit, but that will be (another) work project sometime soon.

Addendum - The second compressor was easy to access once I figured out where it was, strategically placed in the pot/pan cupboard underneath the cupboard bottom.

Downloadable Manuals page - Smart Speed Controller Manual

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