Zanshin I Liferaft

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ISAF Course - liferaft Demonstrating deployment of a 4-person liferaft at the ISAF course I took in 2010.
ISAF Course - liferaft
Liferaft deployed during class
Ocean Safety Liferaft The liferaft stored in the lazarette of Zanshin I - a bit heavy to get out in an emergency but probably not too difficult when the adrenaline starts flowing.
Ocean Safety Liferaft
Ocean Safety raft in lazarette locker

This page is woefully short for a topic as important as a life raft. It is one of those expensive items which you hope is a waste of money and will never be used. I do have a packed “grab bag” attached to the raft and somewhere I've got an inventory list of the contents but that is about it.
On my list of boating courses to take is the MCA/RYA survival course which, among other things, practices deploying and entering a life raft - something that isn't easy to do in a swimming pool, let alone in the kind of troubled waters typically encountered when having to deploy a liferaft.

Addendum- I finally took that class, some pictures and text can be found at ISAF Course

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