Zanshin I Lifelines - Dyneema instead of wire

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Dyneema lifelines These thin high-tech Dyneema lines hold more weight than the same diameter wire in steel!
Dyneema lifelines
Dyneema lifelines Dyneema lifelines
Dyneema lifelines
Dyneema lifelines I replaced the sheathed metal lifelines with these Dyneema lifelines and used lashings made of Dyneema to tighten the lines.
Dyneema lifelines

The lifelines aboard Zanshin I were stainless steel 7x19 wire covered with plastic. Originally she also had netting strung alone all the lifelines but I removed that immediately upon purchase as I found them extremely bothersome and not particularly useful. Covered wire is also not my preferred material, since the plastic cover can hide corrosion and other problems in the wire and it could fail just when someone's life is on the line. I decided to replace the lines at the first opportunity and then met Captain Sasha of Diadem, a Catana 582, who showed me their standing rigging made of Dynex Dux and the lifelines replaced with Dyneema.
I decided that I wanted to replace the lifelines, if not all of the standing rigging, with this light high-tech material. I purchased the 6mm single braid 12 strand Dyneema SK75 while in Germany and used the modified Brummel splice as documented by Colligo Marine for the 10cm long eye splices.

Update 2011/03/01 - I've had the lines on board for one season now and am very happy with them, they are holding up well and show no signs of chafe or other degradation. The only marks are from where they are attached to the stanchions and have gotten some rust stains, but I am sure that I can remove those easily and quickly.

Downloadable Manuals page - Dyneema splicing and usage Manuals

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