Zanshin I Le Cube Nespresso Espresso Machine

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Krups Krups "Le Cube"
Krups "Le Cube"
The LeCube machine
LeCube at breakfast
Napua making breakfast

I've had enough opportunity in the past to “rough it”, so for me sailing is about luxury and pleasure in addition to the ability to travel and see parts of the world less traveled.

For this reason alone, my little “Le Cube” machine is one of the most valuable pieces of equipment aboard. I hope that a psychologist wouldn't classify me as addicted to good coffee, but the distinction might be a fine and narrow one. I don't feel like I've woken up until I've had a cup of coffee; luckily the days where a cigarette belonged to the coffee are long past and barely remembered! I tried using a French Press and that ubiquitous hourglass-shaped Italian aluminum thingie, all to no avail, the brew that resulted was just not what I was looking for.

The Nespresso coffee pod system ended up being exactly what I wanted. The pods come in many different flavors, ranging from ristretto to a large cuppa. They are airtight and filled with nitrogen and thus can be stored indefinitely (I think the manufacturer recommends one year). There are numerous machines that use the system and the one I chose has the advantage of being square and compact and thus easily stored on the boat. The power drain for all espresso machines is outrageously high, since they heat up water as quickly as possible to past the boiling point in order to achieve the pressures required for a good espresso with a crèma top. On Zanshin I I spent a small fortune to upgrade my electrical system with extra batteries and a powerful inverter so that I can make espresso straight from the DC system. I used to fire up my generator every morning for 10 minutes just to make coffee; even though it only takes 3-4 minutes to heat up the machine and make a cup of coffee the generator is supposed to run for 5 minutes at no load (in the tropics) before shutting off so that it can cool down. All this effort just for coffee!

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