Zanshin I Mattress Springs

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Most mattresses on board are just foam-filled and not particularly good. They also tend to have problems with moisture and thus I've opted to use the Froli system. The system contains many plastic springs (with 3 levels of adjustment) that are installed underneath the mattress to supply not only support but also ventilation.
The installation process was pretty simple once I'd figured out what layout I wanted and I had to increase the spacing because I ran out of parts, but once installed the mattress immediately felt much better and I've not had any back pains since using it.

Update 2010-04-30 - I installed the aft cabin Froli springs; I only brought three-quarters of the pieces due to baggage limitations, but it filled up the parts of the bed that are used and I can complete the rest of the installation on my next trip.

Froli mattress springs Here I've started doing the construction of the Froli spring system underneath the foam mattress on Zanshin I.
Froli mattress springs
Partially completed Froli system The forward cabin bed getting a new Froli system foundation.
Partially completed Froli system
Zanshin I's Froli system The forward cabin on Zanshin I with a completed Froli spring support system. The red parts are lumbar support, the light blue for shoulder areas.
Zanshin I's Froli system
Froli mattress springs Closeup of the Froli system on Zanshin I. After I installed these springs, the bed cushion felt like a real mattress.
Froli mattress springs
Froli springs for Zanshin I Unpacking my suitcase contents - mainly these Froli system springs for the aft cabin mattresses.
Froli springs for Zanshin I
Froli springs on Zanshin I Partially complete Froli spring system for the aft cabins of Zanshin I.
Froli springs on Zanshin I
Froli mattress springs The starboard side of Zanshin I's aft cabin (currently with the middle wall removed) getting the Froli system springs.
Froli mattress springs


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