Zanshin I Flat-screen TV, Antenna & Sony Playstation

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Zanshin I TV Zanshin I TV
Zanshin I TV
Zanshin I TV station Zanshin I TV station
Zanshin I TV station

It wasn't until I put this page together that I went through my picture archives and realized that I didn't have a single picture of the TV installation on Zanshin I; nothing on the TV, Antenna controls and Sony Playstation. That illustrates, better than words can, how little I use it and what place it has on my boat. I haven't owned a TV in years and prefer to read or, at most, watch escapist action movies which are easy to consume and just as easily forgotten.

Update December 2009: I finally took some pictures!
Update March 2011: I finally added those pictures to this page!

The first time that I invited Barry (the purchaser of my old boat), his wife Alison and their two children, Kayla and Quinn, on board Zanshin I it was for Kayla's birthday while we were anchored in Great Harbor, Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands. We'd eaten dinner at Corsair's ashore and as a treat I had some ice cream for the kids in the freezer and we were going to watch a movie on DVD on my TV. The plan was to play the movie on the Playstation but I had to promise to tell the kids that the playstation was broken and could only play movies. I hooked up the wires and plugged in the controller and tried the get the movie playing when the kids broke out in hysterical laughter, their parents joining in soon after. It turns out that I was trying to hold the playstation controller upside down, which was why it didn't feel particularly comfortable. I have only used that playstation a couple of times since, mainly to play movies purchased in St. Martin and Antigua whose provenance are, at best, rather suspect and it is now safely stored in airtight containers underneath the floorboards in main cabin of Zanshin I.

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