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Zanshin at Anchor
Forward Climma AC unit
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While it is a great luxury to have a cool boat in the tropical heat, it is an expensive undertaking. Not only are marine air conditioning units rather pricey, but they require large amounts of electrical energy to operate and boats, unlike houses, are generally not particularly well insulated. The AC units themselves and especially the ductwork take up lots of valuable space as well.
Zanshin I has 3 separate air conditioning units that can be operated independently of each other. One for the aft 2 cabins, one for the main cabin and a final unit for the owner's cabin forward. On shore air conditioning units use the surrounding air to transport heat away from the inside; on boats it is easier and much more efficient to use water as it absorbs more energy and can move it away quicker as well. On Zanshin I there is a large central pump for cooling water that supplies all 3 units; the downside is that when only one air conditioner is turned on it still pumps water through all 3 devices.
I don't use my air conditioners much at all. When at anchor, the boat will point into the prevailing wind and that usually generates sufficient airflow through the boat to keep it cool with the exception of the midday hours. When at dock this airflow is usually interrupted or the wind comes from the side, so air conditioning at the dock is quite useful - plus one usually has a power connection to the shore and can afford to run the A/C units. With my generator turned on I can run all the units and have done that a couple of times to cool down and dry out the boat - at least that's the excuse (or justification) I used at the time. In the 6 months that I spent aboard in the tropics I think I only ran the air conditioning about 5 times all told. The night breezes and use of fans aboard was more than enough to feel comfortable at night. The ocean water is always there for a quick dip to cool you down as well.

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