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Zanshin is equipped with the necessary deck hardware and mast openings to allow me to rig a removable inner forestay and set a smaller jib like a cutter or to set a much smaller storm jib. While in the Caribbean there is always a safe harbour at most 2 days sailing away (usually an anchorage is reachable in less than one day of sailing/motoring) so I have postponed getting a jib for the inner forestay or a storm jib so far. To date I've only used the deck-level hard points for the inner forestay in order to raise my day-shape anchor ball and it has held up pretty well.
Since I do not have a spinnaker pole aboard I hope to use the cutter rig for downwind sails rather than have to pole-out the genoa and use the mainsail. This choice of sails might change once I get the Parasailor ordered and in use, as that sail could substitute these two in light to moderate conditions.

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