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Hull 68 Galley being built The electric galley of Hull 68, soon to be Zanshin under construction at the Jeanneau Factory
(2011-07-04 09:52:26 NIKON D7000 with a "18.0-200.0 mm f/3.5-5.6" lens. [f/4.0, 1/60s] ISO 720 Focus 3.76m)
Hull 68 Galley being built
Techimpex 4 hob electricAfter a goodly amount of thought on the advantages and disadvantages of propane on the boat I've decided to go for an electric galley. With the generator plus the alternators on the engine present to recharge the electrical system, using electric power to cook isn't as wild a concept as it originally sounds. While propane is in use on most yachts, I don't like the idea of leading this potentially explosive gas into the cabin and thus Zanshin will have propane tanks but only for use in the gas BBQ grill. The large inverter ensures that the power for cooking on the hob's hot plates can come from the batteries and the energy can then be replaced by one or more of the methods listed above. I think that the oven will require that the generator be run, not because of the actual amount of watts required but because things in the oven usually need to cook or bake for a long time. The galley extractor fan and the built-in microwave oven also both run off the 230V AC electrical system.
After two seasons of cruising with the electric galley I am still happy with the decision to go electric and not have any propane routed through the main cabin. Even baking bread in the oven doesn't take quite as much energy as I'd thought and the system is still working well.

Couscous and ragout afloat I took a picture of our dinner on the stove, the right pots holds a vegetarian ragout and the left one holds couscous. The slant of the stovetop is not an optical illusion, the boat was rolling quite a bit and the stove is swinging around so that the pots and pans stay (relatively) upright.
(2011-12-15 22:46:57 NIKON D7000 with a "18.0-200.0 mm f/3.5-5.6" lens. [f/3.8, 1/60s] ISO 800 Focus 1.12m)
Couscous and ragout afloat
Slaving over a hot stove Desi cooking our dinner from what little fresh and frozen food was left in the larder.
(2012-02-26 20:21:43 NIKON D7000 with a "18.0-200.0 mm f/3.5-5.6" lens. [f/3.5, 1/60s] ISO 800 Focus 2.00m)
Slaving over a hot stove
Electric stove with bread waiting Bread rising in the corner awaiting baking in the electric oven.
(2014-02-17 11:08:22 NIKON D7100 with a "18.0-250.0 mm f/3.5-6.3" lens. [f/3.8, 1/400s] ISO 500)
Electric stove with bread waiting
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