Zanshin damaged by hurricanes Irma and Maria

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I've been keeping my boats at the Nanny Cay boatyard in the BVI over the years and hurricanes have gone through in the past with little or no damage at all in the sheltered yard at Nanny Cay. The boats are chocked up and then tied down securely but the yards was devastated by hurricane Irma on the Septmeber 6th and subsequently run over by hurricane Maria shortly thereafter on September 20th.
While I'd seen some pictures and drone videos, I didn't know the state of Zanshin until October 1st, when Chris Simpson from BVI Yacht Sales managed to find some time to do me a favor and look a bit closer.

It looks like the damage is much less than I had at first feared and unless there are structural or other problems not evident in the pictures I'll just have to get all the holes in the hull fixed, replace the rig, and see about the damage inside.

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