Antigua Sailing Week 2013

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More through luck and coincidence than anything else, I found myself volunteering to assist during the 2013 Antigua Sailing Week races and regatta. While I know that the pointy end of the boat points forward and the floppy white things make the boat move when the main engine is turned off, my knowledge of racing sailboats is rather limited and my primary qualifications for the job seem to be that (a) I was going to be present and not intend to jump onto a race boat in order to participate and (b) I don't suffer from seasickness.
With this admittedly very weak racing CV I was nonetheless asked to work on the committee boat A, which was responsible for starting and finishing the bigger and faster racing boat classes. The committee boat is a privately owned Lagoon 410 called “Katzenellenbogen” that was sailed down from St. Martin expressly to serve as the observation platform for the races. It is quite spacious and offers room for the committee crew to do their allotted tasks in comfort and the motion of a cat in the waves, which ranged from 2.5m to 1m during the course of the races, is more stable than a monohull such as mine but I found the jerky movement to be somewhat unsettling.
I was assigned my tasks (I suspect primarily to keep me out from underfoot) during the races by Alfred, our race officer in charge, and assisted James with the raising and lowering of the race flags during the start and subsequently to act as a spotter and sail-number reader for one of the two scoring slates; I also had my camera along and took pictures of the boats as they crossed the finish line - both for my blog and as backup evidence should there be questions as to the order in which boats crossed the line when a large gaggle of them arrived at the same time. This means that there are pictures on the respective race day pages of the boats finishing, and of them sailing around prior to and after finishing, but none of the actual starts.

Follow the links below by clicking on the image to get to page with pictures of each individual race day where I was present and took pictures:

Antigua Sailing Week 2013
Guadeloupe-Antigua finisher with hummingbird Close finish race News chopper at the races At the bow on Maximizer Crossing the finish Little wind
Friday 2013-04-26
Guadeloupe - Antigua
Sunday 2013-04-28
Race Day 1
Monday 2013-04-29
Race Day 2
Tuesday 2013-04-30
Race Day 3
Thursday 2013-05-02
Race Day 4
Friday 2013-05-03
Race Day 5

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