Like a kid on the day before Christmas, I spent much of the day waiting anxiously for the Victron Quattro to arrive, interspersing boat work with waiting. In the late afternoon I decided to call the dealers and at just that moment my phone rang and they reported that the Quattro had indeed arrived and that they would be driving it out to me within a half hour. It did arrive (on a palette) and we manhandled the heavy box onto a cart. I managed to transfer it from the cart to the boat without dropping it into the water, which might have adversely affected the electronics. I decided not to attempt switching out the units as it might mean that I'd be without electricity if I didn't complete the task by the time dinner came around.
I joined Michael, his wife Anne and one his offshore crew members, Evan from Quantum sails, for a German dinner at a place in Olde Town Portsmouth called Bier Garden (we Germans would call it a Biergarten) and I gorged on Käsespätzle and Paulaner Helles. Yum!
Afterward I joined Evan at his private club for some fine Scotch and conversation and might have had a little bit too much to imbibe. Either that, or the last glass was bad...

Tracing NMEA Cables and Signals I had the panel apart while trying to figure out the issues with the NMEA signal going from the AIS to the VHF Radio (the two gray boxes big and small at the top left)
[36°54.4061824'0"N 76°18.485714'0"W ]
Tracing NMEA Cables and Signals
Zanshin at the NYCC Docks Zanshin on the outside position at the Norfolk Yacht and Country Club docks
[36°54.2801022'0"N 76°18.2806299'0"W ]
Zanshin at the NYCC Docks
NYCC Docks The marina and docks at the Norfolk Yacht and Country Club
[36°54.2801022'0"N 76°18.2806299'0"W ]
NYCC Docks
New Victron Quattro Inverter/Charger This time the device was the correct one and arrived when promised. I hope that the installation of the new one and removal of the old goes smoothly
[36°54.4061824'0"N 76°18.485714'0"W ]
New Victron Quattro Inverter/Charger
Sunset at the NYCC Docks I was a pretty sunset, but with the clear skies and winds it became decidedly chilly very quickly
[36°54.4061824'0"N 76°18.485714'0"W ]
Sunset at the NYCC Docks
Dinner at the Bier Garden Michael was kind enough to sponsor me at the Yacht club, we had communicated on the Jeanneau forum before but had never met. He was joined at dinner by his wife, Anne.
[36°50.1286548'0"N 76°18.119546'0"W ]
Dinner at the Bier Garden
Evan from Quantum Sails Evan is an experienced sailor and sailmaker and is part of Michael's crew on their upcoming sail in the Newport-Bermuda race
[36°50.1286548'0"N 76°18.119546'0"W ]
Evan from Quantum Sails
NYCC Panorama View from the bridge next to the Norfolk Yacht and Country Club
[36°54.2801022'0"N 76°18.2806299'0"W ]
NYCC Panorama
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