The wind picked up overnight. It was pushing Zanshin onto the dock and I set my lines up so I could spring myself off the dock without scratching my new paint job. Then I waited for 11:00 to come around so I could get to my destination in Norfolk at the right state of the tide. When I finally cast off the wind had settled so I didn't have to use the spring line but could use the bow thruster to "bump" the boat off the dock and depart Hampton. The marina was rather nice, as were the people, but considering every other cost I had had spiraled over budget I was happy to find a cheaper location to wait for the inverter/charger delivery and the right weather window.
Once I got out into the channel the winds picked up and I had to crab at angle in order to stay in deep water. After navigating the channel I had a downwind run to Norfolk so I let out the genoa with 3 reefs and turned off the engine, marking Zanshin's first real sail in several years and she did admirably well at 8 knots. The trip took me past the navy docks where they had a couple of aircraft carriers and assorted other military hardware on display.
When I finally furled the genoa and motored into the channel it turned out to be at least 3 feet deeper than I expected and the only difficulty was staying in the channel due to the very strong winds. Soon I was at the docks with 4 people to assist me in docking and somehow I managed to get lucky and not ding anything and I fooled those on shore into thinking I'd actually planned it that way.
The facility is very nice and I was given guest privileges, which means that I can heat myself up from the inside out in their sauna!

Departing Bluewater Marina The channel departing Bluewater Marina in Hampton looks narrow on the chart, but it is wide and very deep
[37°1.0709637'0"N 76°20.4987809'0"W ]
Departing Bluewater Marina
Departing Bluewater Marina I've just left the docks and am heading out of the marina area towards the channel leading to open water
[37°1.0469777'0"N 76°20.3721806'0"W ]
Departing Bluewater Marina
The Chamberlin A large and impressive waterfront building that is a retirement home
[36°59.2789872'0"N 76°18.4020184'0"W ]
The Chamberlin
U.S.S. Dwight D. Eisenhower Nicknamed "IKE", this aircraft carrier is docked at Norfolk, VA.
[36°56.9068416'0"N 76°20.040305'0"W ]
U.S.S. Dwight D. Eisenhower
Warships at the docks in Norfolk I stayed at the far side of the traffic channel when going past in order to discourage the roving patrols from checking out the foreign flagged vessel going by.
[36°56.9068416'0"N 76°20.040305'0"W ]
Warships at the docks in Norfolk
Dredge displaying day shapes This dredge in the shipping channel is displaying the day-shape of circle-diamond-circle to show it is restricted in maneuvering and with circle-circle on the side that you shouldn't pass and diamond-diamond on the side that is safe.
[36°54.9707124'0"N 76°20.169051'0"W ]
Dredge displaying day shapes
Norfolk Yacht Club docks My dock position at the outside of the docks next to another Jeanneau, "Challenge Accepted"
[36°54.398992'0"N 76°18.4686062'0"W ]
Norfolk Yacht Club docks
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