I spent the morning re-learning potent curses in a couple of languages. This was because my task was to attach 2 cables to the rear of the SSB radio so that I could connect my brand new Pactor P4dragon Modem to it. The SSB is installed deep inside under the floor and can't be seen but only felt. I located the plugs by touch and spent an hour trying to get the DB9 plug to seat but only managed to bend the pins! In the end I removed the radio unit from the mounting (4 big screws) and took the 10 seconds required to put the 2 plugs in, then spent over an hour trying to line up those same 4 screws so I could re-attach the SSB. I used this time to remember and use the expletives mentioned at the top of this page...
I picked up the framed picture and mounted it using some heavy-duty removable Velcro strips that should hold it in place even in heavy seas and the picture looks nice on the starboard side, the bright colors complementing the subdued copper diving pelican on the port side (the pelican is also an Aragorn artwork).

Pelican and Gli-Gli aboard I finally had the woodblock print made by Aragorn in the BVI framed and put it up on the bulkhead to complement the copper diving pelican also made by Aragorn
[38°4.9756263'0"N 76°9.9173873'0"W ]
Pelican and Gli-Gli aboard
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