The winds are not right for a test sail today, so I kept on provisioning and taking care of tasks. The new radar wasn't connecting to the chart plotter and Jerome worked on that task while I got spares (special oil and coolant for the VW engine at a local dealership) and other assorted parts. I also finally got the print that I'd purchased from Aragorn's Studio in the BVI framed and picked up the missing SPOT tracker. I had to drive a couple of miles to the Fed Ex facility which was tough as I had to do in a bit of a blizzard and I hadn't driven on snowy and icy roads in years, but I kept on the road for the most part.
I decided to buy some steaks for the passage across and went to Omaha Steaks to get them, as they sell pre-packaged and frozen steaks of good quality. They weren't cheap, but did save me the effort of vacuum-packing whatever I would buy at the butcher shop.

Forward cabin cleaned up The forward cabin was pretty dirty, but the work in replacing the batteries on the bowthruster had been completed so I cleaned it up and put back the cushions and all of the empty Pelican cases that were blocking up the other cabins
[38°57.6653065'0"N 76°28.8785136'0"W ]
Forward cabin cleaned up
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