After a long period of down-time and repairs and a lengthy refit, it is finally time to start this blog up again as Zanshin is once again a sailboat. This entry comes to you from 32000 feet above the Atlantic as I fly to Washington and then drive to Annapolis in order to board the fully refitted boat. Although it is very late in the season, I want to sail her down to the Caribbean before the depths of winter so that she will be in the right place when I'm ready to go cruising again. Flights were tough to come by, so I ended up using some of my accumulated airline miles for this flight. I opted to go first-class since the difference in pricing wasn't that great and I'll make up for it on the return flight when I fly coach on a fully-booked flight from St. Martin full of vacationers returning home.
We just flew past Galway and are about to head out over the Atlantic with 3110 miles to go - this flight travels the same distance in 5 hours that Zanshin will need 8-10 days for!

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