I got up with the sun this morning in order to get all my tasks completed before having to catch my LIAT flight from Beef Island to St. Martin at 13:30. The big task was “Pickling” the watermaker; as I'd inadvertently used the cleaning solution rather than the pickling solution and didn't have supplies on hand. The store in Road Town would carry it, but the cost of the taxi into town and back is prohibitive and I finally found a source at 10:00 and quickly got the pickling done. The boat was pretty much ready for storage and I did the final cleaning tasks and removed anything even remotely edible before giving Zanshin the final lock-up for the 2017 summer storage season.
I grabbed a shower and took a cab to the airport in good time to visit Aragorn's Studio at Trellis Bay and also get a cup of coffee before departing. Much to my surprise, the LIAT flight was on-time and I had several hours to while away at St. Martin before continuing on to Schiphol airport in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I visited the Pink Iguana for a last Presidente beer of the season and then returned to the air-conditioned comfort of the airport for the last 2 hours before the flight. This flight was pretty much sold out but I'd paid a bit extra for a "choice" seat which meant I got a window seat rather than one in the middle of the middle row... that's all that 30€ gets you on KLM.

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