Lay Day is one day off from racing, where they hold a dinghy racing competition on Pigeon Beach and otherwise have a beach party. It has become tradition for us to take Zanshin somewhere else and have a day of lazing about, swimming, paddleboarding and dining; this year we had a small group aboard - Steve and Angela, Jacqui, Karen and myself. We left around 11AM in cloudy conditions and most of the trip up to Green Island was under heavy stratus. The conditions seems to get better upon arrival and my favourite spot right by the beach was open so we anchored with but 2-3 feet of water under the keel and got ready for a nice day out. Unfortunately, within a half hour the wind started clocking around and we had to scramble in order to avoid grounding; we managed to use the bow thruster and engine in time and Steve got the anchor up as the wind shifted by 180° and the rains set in with a vengeance. It didn't look like conditions would change any time soon, so we left the little anchorage and went outside, where all the mooring balls were taken. But anchoring in 20 feet of water is no problem and we were soon on the hook and hiding from the torrential downpour which was doing a very good job at cleaning my decks.
The rains continued on and off all day, but in the break we paddleboarded around, took a swim and prepared our BBQ meal - hamburger patties, Chorizo and other sausages and some marinated pork chops all washed down with wine and accompanied by a salad and garlic bread.
We departed while the sun was still up, but arrived in Falmouth Harbour after dark and the wind was still a bit odd so I opted not to anchor in the same place as that was quite close to shallow water. We anchored in time to avoid the really torrential rains that ushered in our arrival and drank some of the beer we'd brought along while waiting for the downpour to abate. We thought we'd hit a lull and I ferried Jacqui and Karen ashore only to be hit by a squall right after leaving Zanshin; but Angela and Steve managed to get a ride during a dry period.

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