Today was another day in the marina which had me busy aboard all day but in the end I feel I had little to show for it. It started early, with slow-cooking a curry which filled the boat with savoury smells all day and made me feel hungry all the time. Then I worked on some stainless during a period of overcast skies, plus waiting for the fridge to thaw out. I'd turned off the fridge in the early morning and by noon the ice surrounding the evaporator plate had hardly thawed so I got out the travel hair drier which Sascha and Sandra had brought along and put it to good use in accelerating the thawing process. The added heat and judicious use of my hands to scrape away loose ice made short shrift of the ice and soon I'd replaced all the food into the clean refrigerator. I'd used the opportunity to put some white electrical tape around some of the bigger cracks in the fridge interior in the hopes that this would make it more efficient.
I began work on the forward solar panels, which had gone quite cloudy over time; but some rain and the subsequent sunset changed those plans and I'll have to do that tomorrow. Dinner was some rice and a portion of the slow-cooked curry which was very spicy but also very tasty.

Shredded Credit Card This card was compromised in the car rental at Portsmouth, Dominica and I cut up the remaining parts and distributed them to two garbage bags, just in case.
(2017-04-07 08:54:43 NIKON D7100 with a "18.0-250.0 mm f/3.5-6.3" lens. [f/3.5, 1/60s] ISO 250)
Shredded Credit Card
Hairdrier and defrosting My visitors Sandra and Sascha had brought a portable hair drier, which I used to good effect in defrosting my refrigerator icebox
(2017-04-07 14:19:56 NIKON D7100 with a "18.0-250.0 mm f/3.5-6.3" lens. [f/3.5, 1/160s] ISO 250)
Hairdrier and defrosting
Icebox after defrosting Most of the ice has been thawed by judicious use of a portable hair drier; but a lot of ice remains
(2017-04-07 14:29:51 NIKON D7100 with a "18.0-250.0 mm f/3.5-6.3" lens. [f/3.5, 1/60s] ISO 250)
Icebox after defrosting
Ice from the fridge These are the ice parts which I could remove by hand from inside and around the icebox, the rest is melting in the icebox, accelerated by using a hair drier
(2017-04-07 14:30:02 NIKON D7100 with a "18.0-250.0 mm f/3.5-6.3" lens. [f/3.5, 1/250s] ISO 250)
Ice from the fridge
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