Today's weather is more cloud and rain, so I opted to stay aboard and work at the computer. A cruiser from the Gendarmerie anchored in the early afternoon and I thought that I'd once again get boarded anc checked but it seems that they were doing training exercises for divers rather than checking on boats in the anchorage. At one time I noted an officer standing on the aft deck doing the international distress signal (waving both hands slowly from thigh to overhead repeatedly) and since I'd heard nothing on the radio I wasn't sure what was going on, so I hopped into the dinghy and zipped over to the boat. The officer in question looked at me questioningly when I asked if they needed assistance and explained that he was just signalling to someone ashore at the beach (which did indeed put Zanshin in a direct line between them and the beach) so I excused myself and went back to my home. As I left I caught the skipper talking to the officer and explaining that it was indeed a distress signal that he'd inadvertantly used...

Police patrol Violette This cruiser dropped anchor and instead of checking all the boats including mine (as I feared), they just did some practice diving for some of the officers/cadets aboard
(2016-05-10 16:00:33 NIKON D7100 [f/6.3, 1/2000s] ISO 100)
Police patrol Violette
Drifting around at mooring The boats were pointed in different directions, here I'm at a 90 degree angle to the catamaran next to me and worried about us drifting into each other
(2016-05-10 15:26:21 NIKON D7100 [f/6.3, 1/60s] ISO 100)
Drifting around at mooring
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