Mixed rain and sunshine today and I opted to stay aboard almost the whole day. I did work on getting my energy monitor data collected and soldering together the components for the fridge measurement system.

Pain de Sucre beach The beach is small and difficult to get to, yet it is usually pretty full as it is in this picture
(2016-05-10 10:36:48 NIKON D7100 [f/6.3, 1/125s] ISO 100)
Pain de Sucre beach
Backside of Pain de Sucre Another public beach that is very difficult to find and access, this one has a large open area in addition to the sandy shore
(2016-05-10 10:43:31 NIKON D7100 [f/6.3, 1/250s] ISO 100)
Backside of Pain de Sucre
Terre de Haut in the Saintes The quaint village of Terre de Haut and Fort Napoleon overlooking it seen from the road above the pain de sucre
(2016-05-10 11:00:57 NIKON D7100 [f/6.3, 1/500s] ISO 100)
Terre de Haut in the Saintes
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