I dinghied from Friar's Bay into the lagoon today, luckily the winds were light and it wasn't too bad on that long, long trip. My first step was to clear out of St. Martin at the French side Island Waterworld, then I zipped over to the airport and walked to the freight area to pick up my repaired Weems and Plath ship clock and from there I headed across to complete my purchases and Budget Marine and other stores, meeting with Cindy and Derek from Aravilla and catching up on experiences and stories at Lagoonies. After that I headed to Friar's Bay again; but the winds had picked up a bit and I also got caught in a small shower on the way. I got my sails up and made it Île Fourchue before dark - unfortunately a north swell had set in and the afternoon and night was a bit rolly.

Cloudy day in the Caribbean A nice sail, but not the best of weather on this small passage from St. Martin to Ile Fourchue off St. Barths
(2016-04-18 17:10:22 NIKON D7100 [f/6.3, 1/160s] ISO 100)
Cloudy day in the Caribbean
Overcast passage to St. Barths Overcast passage to St. Barths
(2016-04-18 17:10:49 NIKON D7100 [f/4.8, 1/60s] ISO 100)
Overcast passage to St. Barths
Chartplotter to Ile Fourchue Chartplotter to Ile Fourchue
(2016-04-18 17:11:15 NIKON D7100 [f/4.5, 1/50s] ISO 100)
Chartplotter to Ile Fourchue
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