Today was my first full day aboard Zanshin& spent completely aboard without going ashore. I didn't go swimming, though. I'd taken my first dip yesterday and left the swimming ladder on the back of the boat and it wasn't there this morning. Although there was a slight chance that a thief targeting swim ladders had visited me during the night, the chances were much better that the dinghy painter pulled it off the mount and it sunk into the 40 feet waters underneath my boat. The dive tanks were still empty so I decided to let the ladder stay under the water one additional day.
I filled one tank in the late afternoon, after ensuring that the generator worked correctly. During the 2 hours that I had the generator running I re-charged the batteries and also de-pickled the watermaker from it's chemical storage solution and then filled up my water tank with freshly desalinated water.
The rest of the day was spent doing a lot of nothing at all - lounging in the cockpit, updating this blog, and doing more lounging - this time with coffee or water in hand.
Dinner is going to be a rib eye steak seasoned with just a touch of spices mixed in olive oil, accompanied by a mandatory baked potato. It will be difficult to beat the fine filets from last night, but I'm going to do my best to ensure that the rib eye has a chance! The salad that I purchased has wilted so the only additional element to dinner is going to be a Rioja.
(after dinner) The steak was yummy indeed, just the right amount of fat to make for a juicy BBQ and what is left after grilling can be cut away. I've started letting the meat sit about 5 minutes under an aluminum foil cover and have to admit that it makes the steak a lot better than when eating it straight off the grill.

Marinetraffic screenshot The AIS track of Zanshin sailing to the North Sound.
Marinetraffic screenshot
Warning Post-It on the watermaker The warning sign that the contents of the watermaker has been pickled for storage.
[18°30'5.93"N 64°21'53.73"W ]
Warning Post-It on the watermaker
Marinating a steak A steak marinating aboard Zanshin for a couple of hours. This is a mix of olive oil and my secrect spice recipe (which consists of everything in the spice rack which I think might work).
[18°30'5.93"N 64°21'54.27"W ]
Marinating a steak
Two megayachts in the North Sound Two of the many megayachts anchored at in the North Sound at the beginning of 2014
[18°30'5.93"N 64°21'53.73"W (facing SW)]
Two megayachts in the North Sound
Steak covered over Steak "resting" for a couple of minutes prior to eating. This is a difficult time for me since it is very tempting to just open up and eat away!
(2014-01-04 20:13:39 NIKON D7100 with a "18.0-200.0 mm f/3.5-5.6" lens. [f/4.0, 1/60s] ISO 320)
Steak covered over
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