Note to self: First copy photos from camera SD card, then delete them. Reversing the order might be much faster, but doesn't produce any blog pictures.

I had originally planned on heading out today, but the winds for tomorrow are a lot lower, which will make my first test sail after getting Zanshin from storage and with the new rudder repairs in place a lot less stressful. In addition, I needed to get some spare parts (impellers at Parts & Power) plus go shopping at the big Riteway in town and I knew I couldn't get all of that finished before checkout time from marina, which is high noon.
Shopping was an expensive proposition, since I had to get all the little items such as spices and condiments and also went a bit overboard for meat shopping - a couple of huge filets, T-Bone steaks and ribeyes. I should have eaten before going shopping, but I think I still would have opted for the meats since the cuts were excellent and portions Texas-sized.
I finally got the boat sorted out below decks with everything cleaned and stowed away. I opted to postpone doing the impellers on the main engine and generator since I wasn't sure that I could finish in time. My last meal was to have been at Peg Leg's that night, but in the end I made some cheese sandwiches with the baguette I'd purchased and that was more than enough food.

Nanny Cay view Looking out over the Sir Francis Drake Channel from my slip at Nanny Cay
[18°23'53.26"N 64°38'9.43"W ]
Nanny Cay view
Missing spreader light The winds and shaking of the mast loosened my starboard spreader light and shook it loose. So far the other one is still tightly in place.
[18°23'53.26"N 64°38'9.43"W ]
Missing spreader light
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