The day that I've been waiting for has finally arrived - Zanshin is finally getting back into the water, and just in time for the changing of the years! The yard is not busy at all, so there is no problem of getting a haulout time arranged and after I paid up (again) for the haulout and had my lift ticket we were ready to go. Zanshin made it into the water without mishap, the engine fired up right away and no water was coming aboard. Ravi checked out the steering assembly and it, too, was in excellent condition so I ventured the 500 yards to a temporary position at the head of a T-Dock until my slip became available.
I had spoken with Richardson's Rigging to get some help in raising the genoa and they came aboard and re-attached and tensioned the backstays (which need to be removed so that the Travelift can lift the boat) and then the three of us repositioned to the new slip. I had to dock bow-in since that would point the boat into the winds and make raising the genoa a lot less hassle. Despite correct positioning, we had raised the sail about 3/4 of the way up when one of the guys noticed a problem with the aluminum genoa track, which was loose and then we had a very difficult time getting the sail back down. He then got hoisted up the mast, crossed to the genoa, and let himself down& only to discover that the 4 set-screws used to secure two adjacent sections of the genoa track had loosened and fallen out, there are 7 sections in total and other sections had loose screws as well. So I purchased some new set screws and blue Locktite and they repaired the genoa track. Subsequently the task of raising and furling the sail was a piece of cake and we were soon finished.
By now it was mid-afternoon and I was feeling lazy, so I didn't do much work for the rest of the day and headed to Peg Legs for a tasty buffet dinner that was so filling that I could barely stay awake until 23:00 and then succumbed to sleep, vaguely aware of some loud noises at midnight that did not even come close to awakening me.

Zanshin heading to water Zanshin being moved in the yard towards the haulout pit for getting back into the water.
[18°24'1.5"N 64°38'1.39"W ]
Zanshin heading to water
Travelift moving Zanshin Zanshin moving towards her element at the haulout pit.
[18°24'2.29"N 64°38'4.75"W ]
Travelift moving Zanshin
Richardson's Rigging working The folk from Richardson's Rigging setting up the genoa for raising.
[18°24'1.5"N 64°38'1.39"W ]
Richardson's Rigging working
Missing genoa screws Some of the set screws on the genoa were missing and made putting up the sail impossible until the problem was rectified (by Richardson's Rigging)
[18°23'49.5"N 64°38'7.65"W ]
Missing genoa screws
New Year's Eve dinner My large New Year's Eve buffet dinner at Peg Leg's restaurant and bar.
[18°24'1.6"N 64°38'1.37"W ]
New Year's Eve dinner
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