Today was quite busy since there was a lot of work to do in order to get Zanshin ready to splash. I had found out that the factory would be closed until January 6th and that the Nanny Cay hotel was booked out for all of January and February with a film crew taking up all the rooms, so I was under additional pressure to get into the water. The factory had delivered the new upper bearing and it fit correctly, but the lower bearing was missing and since I couldn't wait any longer I had the shop create a local solution so we had to lift Zanshin up from the blocks in order to slide the rudder stock in (it had to go up 11 feet!) and with 5 people we managed to get the rudder lifted so that Ravi could work on the upper bearing. Once all of the work was done the epoxy and 5200 had to cure and set, so the launch couldn't be done until the next day. During this time Vernon worked on finishing cleaning the topsides and when the boat was raised Africa also completed the bottom paint on the areas where the supports had been placed.

Replacing the Rudder The rudder has been lifted into the boat and the wedges set it to the correct height so that Ravi can work on getting the quadrant re-attached and the upper bearing aligned.
(2013-12-30 12:55:39 NIKON D7100 with a "18.0-200.0 mm f/3.5-5.6" lens. [f/22.0, 1/50s] ISO 250)
Replacing the Rudder
Flexofold prop with Lanolin The rudder has been covered with a thick coating of Lanocote, a lanolin based compound.
[18°23'53.26"N 64°38'9.43"W ]
Flexofold prop with Lanolin
Prepping the lower bearing One of the guys prepping the lower bearing with 5200 in preparation for the inner sleeve/bushing to be compressed into place.
[18°24'1.5"N 64°38'1.39"W ]
Prepping the lower bearing
Ravi taking a break Ravi taking some fresh air after working on the quadrant after the rudder has been replaced.
[18°24'1.5"N 64°38'1.39"W ]
Ravi taking a break
Zanshin rudder from below Looking up along the housing for the rudder shaft. The lower bronze bushing is already compressed into place.
[18°24'1.5"N 64°38'1.39"W ]
Zanshin rudder from below
Looking down the rudder Looking down from the emergency tiller opening in the cockpit at the rudder housing components.
[18°24'1.5"N 64°38'1.39"W ]
Looking down the rudder
Bronze rudder sleeve The lower bearing bronze sleeve compressed into place. This was completely loose before, but a ring of 5200 sealant provides the extra thickness to make it an effective seal.
[18°24'1.5"N 64°38'1.39"W ]
Bronze rudder sleeve
Travelift tire This one has seen better days and I wouldn't trust it on the Autobahn but at Travelift speeds it is still a going proposition.
[18°24'1.5"N 64°38'1.39"W ]
Travelift tire
Vernon polishing the topside Vernon putting the finishing touches on the topsides with cloth, Awlcare and lots of elbow grease.
[18°24'1.5"N 64°38'1.39"W ]
Vernon polishing the topside
Zanshin rudder repairs Zanshin hauled up high while the crew works on getting the rudder attached and setup.
[18°24'1.5"N 64°38'1.39"W ]
Zanshin rudder repairs
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