Today was a slow day for me, it was hot and I did only a bit of work aboard the boat, spending much time just being lazy around the docks and talking to Aria and Nanuk. Nanuk had guests come aboard, but the provisioning had been held up and thus their departure was somewhat delayed. I did a load of laundry - which apart from the work on the boat was the highlight of the day...

One-Class racers arrive One-Class racers arrive
[18°24'1.52"N 64°38'1.22"W ]
One-Class racers arrive
Aria at the docks Aria at the docks
[18°23'51.61"N 64°38'9.8"W ]
Aria at the docks
Aria I Aria I
[18°23'51.61"N 64°38'9.8"W ]
Aria I
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