Today the chandlery was open, so I headed off into the depths of the store and found some fiberglass polish and also purchased a bottle of “Spotless Stainless” which I'd read about on the forums as being the bee's knees when it came to removing recalcitrant rust from stainless. It is a gel and is brushed on, sits for 30 minutes and is then hosed off with water (ostensibly) no manual labour is involved in the process. This makes it sound almost too good to be true but I was willing to give it a try.
Walking along the docks I saw a familiar stern design and was surprised to see Nanuk, a brand new Jeanneau 57. I had e-mailed with one of the owners, Patrick, numerous times in the past and had followed the boat's progress from France to the Caribbean for a bit. There was nobody aboard but I did see a gent at the chandlery with a Nanuk polo shirt so I knew it must be him. I got a viewing of the clean and bright (but different) interior to mine and also got some great coffee rather than the tepid and tasteless brew that the Gennaker restaurant serves for breakfast.
The sun was too hot and bright for me to try to use the new acquisition so I did a bit of cleaning using my normal stainless cleaner, but I was soon drenched and headed back to the hotel in order to shower, change and cool down. I also e-mailed videos of the rudder bearings with supporting pictures and measurement from the shop to Jeanneau in the hopes of expediting the replacement process. I'm a bit uncertain about this ordering process since I'd heard from Patrick that the Jeanneau yard might be closed until the 6th of January!
After finishing very little work aboard the boat I joined Patrick and another person I'd met virtually on the internet, Warren F. along with his family on Aria, a Jeanneau 509 for a very tasty dinner at The Dove in Road Town.

New top bearing in place New top bearing in place
[18°24'1.52"N 64°38'1.22"W ]
New top bearing in place
Rust on the bimini Rust on the bimini
[18°24'1.52"N 64°38'1.22"W ]
Rust on the bimini
Spotless Stainless on Zanshin About to apply the new Spotless Stainless on Zanshin.
[18°24'1.52"N 64°38'1.22"W ]
Spotless Stainless on Zanshin
Zanshin rust on stays Stays with spots of corrosion on Zanshin prior to cleaning.
[18°24'1.52"N 64°38'1.22"W ]
Zanshin rust on stays
Dinner at the Dove Dinner at the Dove
[18°25'10.25"N 64°37'6.72"W ]
Dinner at the Dove
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