Today marked Day 3 of the Antigua Sailing Week; we were now a well-oiled committeeing machine with two race days behind us and no significant quarrels or problems that we didn't manage with minimal stress. Today we had two guests aboard, one of whom, Egil, is an ISAF International Judge for the competition so we had to pretend to be on our best behavior in his presence (he was there with his sister, Elizabeth, in an inofficial capacity as a tourist for the day).
The seas were surprisingly lumpy despite the settling winds and I had my camera attached to a tripod and managed to take many pictures of the sky with tips of sails visible or of the water with a bit of hull because of the rocking motion of the catamaran; but some of the pictures could be cropped and weren't too fuzzy for use.
The many pictures of the day's races from Committee Boat A's point of view on Day 3 can be found here.

Committee Boat Buoy The buoy to which we are attached for the duration of the race this day.
[17°0'0.56"N 61°46'37.13"W ]
Committee Boat Buoy
Downwind racing finishers Yachts racing downwind with spinnakers out, coming up to the finish line.
[17°0'0.56"N 61°46'37.13"W ]
Downwind racing finishers
Southern Child Southern Child
[17°0'0.56"N 61°46'37.13"W ]
Southern Child
Concentration while checking the line Race crew concentrating on the line between the committee boat and the start mark.
[17°0'0.56"N 61°46'37.13"W ]
Concentration while checking the line
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