Today marked Day 2 of the Antigua Sailing Week and our crew aboard the committee boat had worked out the kinks of the previous day and despite some difficult conditions at the start and finish lines everything worked out well with a minimal level of stress. The only downside were the boisterous and confused seas moving the catamaran around, but that was to be expected and I'm sure that working on a monohull, regardless of size, would have been significantly more difficult. We were blessed by a pod of dolphins cavorting around the start line prior to the first race of the day, but soon thereafter things got serious and we had to get down to business.
The many pictures of the day's races from Committee Boat A's point of view on Day 2 can be found here.

High-Tech wind measuring Using a length of (spanish) cassette deck tape on a stick, furnished by Steve, we are measuring the wind direction.
[17°0'25.83"N 61°48'15.23"W ]
High-Tech wind measuring
Measuring the prevailing winds We are measuring the wind direction over time to ensure that the start line is laid out as perpendicular as possible to the winds.
[17°0'25.83"N 61°48'15.23"W ]
Measuring the prevailing winds
Digicell Challenger A helicopter catching Digicell Challenger finishing
[17°0'25.83"N 61°48'15.23"W ]
Digicell Challenger
Whisper Whisper raising the mainsail before the day's races.
[17°0'25.83"N 61°48'15.23"W ]
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