Cool beans - I just saw that some of my trips which I've been unable to download from my GPS system on the chart plotter, are visible at, for instance part of the trip two days ago from Dominica to the Saintes.
I enjoyed a respite today, taking a long walk ashore around the town of Deshaies and finally getting, completing and mailing some postcards that I'd promised to send back to Germany; I realized that the last time I'd actually used postcards were in my college days before the advent of e-mails and cellular phones, when one could still use Western Union to send instant messages instead of just sending instant cash.
I wanted to do my shopping, but had forgotten that everything shuts down for lunch, and at 15:30 I went ashore to find everything still buttoned up tight, but I returned after 16:00 and purchased some of the local beer, Corsaire, for later consumption and looked at the restaurants ashore for dinner. A couple had very nice menus indeed, but later on that evening when I went ashore to eat I found that they were, almost without exception, closed that night. Luckily the one place that I'd chosen was open and I had a great meal accompanied by two glasses of German beer - Bitburger.
The sunset tonight was very impressive, due to all the high and medium-level clouds in the skies everything turned a wonderful golden in the 10 minutes close to sunset and I couldn't help but take many pictures and since I got so many I had to post some of them to this page as well.

WiFi configuration WiFi configuration
WiFi configuration
Deshaies canal The fisherman's canal at Deshaies, where one can also tie up one's dinghy
[16°18'16.15"N 61°47'41.66"W (facing SE)]
Deshaies canal
Fisherman's canal in Deshaies Looking out to sea from the canal tie-up in Deshaies, Guadeloupe
[16°18'16.02"N 61°47'41.4"W (facing NW)]
Fisherman's canal in Deshaies
Deshaies fishing nets Disused and discarded fishing nets in Deshaies, Guadeloupe.
[16°18'16.02"N 61°47'41.4"W (facing NE)]
Deshaies fishing nets
Pelican standing watch A pelican on the lookout for fish on the bow of a fishing boat.
[16°18'25.42"N 61°47'45.78"W (facing S)]
Pelican standing watch
Pelican sack A pelican cleaning the large gular pouch.
[16°18'25.23"N 61°47'47.77"W (facing S)]
Pelican sack
Pelican stretching pouch The pelican stretching and expanding the gular pouch in which he holds fish.
[16°18'25.23"N 61°47'47.77"W (facing S)]
Pelican stretching pouch
Pelican waiting for dinner to swim by Crouched and waiting, a pelican awaits food to come swimming by.
[16°18'25.23"N 61°47'47.77"W (facing S)]
Pelican waiting for dinner to swim by
Deshaies main street The main street along the shore in Deshaies, Guadeloupe.
[16°18'29.47"N 61°47'40.81"W (facing S)]
Deshaies main street
Deshaies anchorage Zanshin is the furthest boat out in the Deshaies anchorage.
[16°18'29.39"N 61°47'40.81"W (facing W)]
Deshaies anchorage
Deshaies town shoreline The city shoreline in Deshaies
[16°18'26.05"N 61°47'46.96"W (facing E)]
Deshaies town shoreline
Iron rations aboard Zanshin My handy foldable cart made getting these emergency rations for Zanshin a lot easier. While it is called a local beer, it is brewed in Trinidad under license but tastes better than Carib and I stocked up on supplies for the trip north where this is not available.
[16°18'25.23"N 61°47'47.77"W (facing S)]
Iron rations aboard Zanshin
Aries Too in Deshaies This motor yacht looks very ungainly, several stories too tall for the length and breadth, but to each their own.
[16°18'31.87"N 61°48'3.03"W (facing S)]
Aries Too in Deshaies
Last boat in before dark This yacht came in at high speed shortly before the sun set in Deshaies, Guadeloupe.
[16°18'31.87"N 61°48'3.03"W (facing W)]
Last boat in before dark
Backlit clouds at sunset The sky was glowing during the sunset, with the cloud formations backlit by the setting sun.
[16°18'31.87"N 61°48'3.03"W (facing W)]
Backlit clouds at sunset
Sol disappearing for the night Sol disappearing for the night
[16°18'31.87"N 61°48'3.03"W (facing W)]
Sol disappearing for the night
Cirrus and altostratus clouds Cirrus and altostratus clouds
[16°18'31.87"N 61°48'3.03"W (facing W)]
Cirrus and altostratus clouds
Artsy Sunset 1 Artsy Sunset 1
[16°18'31.87"N 61°48'3.03"W (facing W)]
Artsy Sunset 1
Artsy Sunset 2 Artsy Sunset 2
[16°18'31.87"N 61°48'3.03"W (facing W)]
Artsy Sunset 2
Artsy Sunset 3 Artsy Sunset 3
[16°18'31.87"N 61°48'3.03"W (facing W)]
Artsy Sunset 3
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