I stayed aboard most of the day, reading my book and actively procrastinating the chores I had lined up and the land trips I still wanted to do. Alexis had stated that he was driving into Roseau and would take me along to see the sights, but he didn't show at 9AM and about 11AM he came by and told me that his steering was shot and he was working on re-aligning it. So we said we'd play it by ear and he would perhaps come by later (he didn't come until about 5PM and had been working on the car all day). I did use the Scotch pad on the waterline again, trying to go one arm's length deep as well and there were a lot of small growths making the job a bit scary without gloves as the edges of the barnacle shells are quite sharp and the Scotch pad was quickly being torn apart.
I then used the coolness of cloud cover before sunset to work on some of the deck stainless prior to making my bachelor special dinner - Pasta with Bolognese sauce.
I'd purchased some frozen ground beef which I'd thawed to make my meat sauce and had a tasty meal, but upon cleaning up I noticed that the tomato paste bottle from the fridge had a lot of fuzzy green growth around the lid and I wondered if cooking removed only biotoxins or also decomposed some of the fungus excretions. It was too late to change anything so I'd either wake up the next morning, not wake up, or wake up with intestinal issues during the night. Luckily, I slept through the night.
I did get prepared with camera in hand, set to high-speed picture taking, during the final sunset phases and was rewarded with a bit of green flash that I did manage to catch on digital film.

The PAYS event house for Sunday BBQ Sunday BBQ at Portsmouth, hosted by the PAYS group, is well-known in cruising circles and is not to be missed. Beware their rum punch, though.
[15°34'53.53"N 61°27'50.24"W (facing NE)]
The PAYS event house for Sunday BBQ
Pirate ship Scaramouche Pirate ship Scaramouche
[15°34'53.53"N 61°27'50.24"W (facing N)]
Pirate ship Scaramouche
Scaramouche passing in Portsmouth Scaramouche passing in Portsmouth
[15°34'53.53"N 61°27'50.24"W (facing SE)]
Scaramouche passing in Portsmouth
Schooner silhouette Schooner silhouette
[15°34'53.53"N 61°27'50.24"W (facing SW)]
Schooner silhouette
Sun dropping to the sea This is the prelude to a green flash sunset in Dominica.
[15°34'53.53"N 61°27'50.24"W (facing W)]
Sun dropping to the sea
Green Flash developing The green flash as the sun sets on the horizon with no clouds to mar the picture.
[15°34'53.53"N 61°27'50.24"W (facing W)]
Green Flash developing
Green Flash The tip of the small arc of the sun on the horizon turns green just as the sun sets, seen here in Dominica.
[15°34'53.53"N 61°27'50.24"W (facing W)]
Green Flash
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