Although I'd originally planned on leaving today, I got caught up in tasks and started the day too slowly in order to be able to leave on time; so I postponed my departure by another day and did some more tasks aboard the boat. Although there isn't much to report, I did remember to pull out my camera and at least snap some shots so the blog wouldn't be too empty.
I finally attacked the cockpit table cleaning project, but ended up doing just a minimal amount of work by using diluted dish washing soap to lift some of the dirt and grease from the tabletop and then used a very weak solution of oxalic acid to brighten the teak on the table. The result looks a lot better, but I think I will sand the table lightly and then apply varnish since the raw wood will always soak up grease and liquids when I use the table. I don't know which varnish I'll apply, but that project won't be started until I'm in St. Martin in any case.
I went to dinner at the local Zoo Rock Cafe, joined by Bjorn, and we had the beef skewers which were quite tasty but a huge portion that I couldn't quite finish (although I did my best and very close) but the heavy meal made me very tired yet I ended up not sleeping very well. I should have learned by now that moderation is a virtue.

Commercial Port at Point-a-Pitre Commercial Port at Point-a-Pitre
[16°13'16.97"N 61°31'47.63"W (facing NW)]
Commercial Port at Point-a-Pitre
Motorboat section at Marina bas du Fort This section of docks at the Marina bas du Fort in Guadeloupe is shallow and for powerboats.
[16°13'16.05"N 61°31'38.91"W (facing NW)]
Motorboat section at Marina bas du Fort
Encrusted anchor chain This short section of chain is hardly visible underneath the marine growth.
[16°13'15.73"N 61°31'38.99"W (facing N)]
Encrusted anchor chain
Anchor chain on the ground Anchor chain on the ground
[16°13'20.55"N 61°31'37.23"W (facing N)]
Anchor chain on the ground
Wooden boat repairs This side of the boat is in bad shape and I at first thought it was being taken apart, but on the other side one can see that some repairs have been effected.
[16°13'20.68"N 61°31'37.25"W (facing NE)]
Wooden boat repairs
Planking on a wooden boat Planking on a wooden boat
[16°13'20.71"N 61°31'37.02"W (facing N)]
Planking on a wooden boat
Planking repairs Planking repairs
[16°13'21.06"N 61°31'36.87"W (facing S)]
Planking repairs
Zanshin at the docks Zanshin at the docks
[16°13'16.41"N 61°31'46.83"W (facing N)]
Zanshin at the docks
Wooden skeg rudder Wooden skeg rudder
[16°13'20.58"N 61°31'36.7"W (facing NW)]
Wooden skeg rudder
Rauten fishing Rauten looking for the big one underneath the Marina bas du Fort docks.
[16°13'15.8"N 61°31'46.77"W (facing S)]
Rauten fishing
Susanne af Stockholm Crew working hard cleaning aboard Susanne af Stockholm.
[16°13'15.66"N 61°31'46.85"W (facing W)]
Susanne af Stockholm
Tradewinds 70 catamaran This 70 foot catamaran is impressive at anchor, but somehow it doesn't seem 70 feet long when viewed from my boat.
[16°13'16.99"N 61°31'47.08"W ]
Tradewinds 70 catamaran
Cockpit teak table cleaning session The teak table needs some TLC
[16°13'16.99"N 61°31'47.08"W ]
Cockpit teak table cleaning session
Zanshin table cleaning The interior compartments of the cockpit table need some cleaning as well.
[16°13'16.99"N 61°31'47.08"W ]
Zanshin table cleaning
Dirty teak table The tabletop on Zanshin desperately needs some cleaning.
[16°13'16.99"N 61°31'47.08"W ]
Dirty teak table
Teak table cleaned up on Zanshin A bit of dishwashing soap with water to soak up the dirt, then a very dilute solution of Oxalic Acid to brighten the teak made a big difference to the look of the table.
(2013-04-11 07:33:23 NIKON D7000 with a "18.0-200.0 mm f/3.5-5.6" lens. [f/4.0, 1/250s] ISO 100 Focus 2.24m)
Teak table cleaned up on Zanshin
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