Unfortunately there seems to be good reason for that mooring ball at Le Bourg to have been empty - it was a bit rolly in that outside location the previous night but at least we had slept. I dinghied ashore in order to get breakfast bread and clear us into France and we soon (well, relatively soon) were ready to depart. The weather wasn't great and squalls kept on coming by; when it seemed that the skies had cleared we got underway but found ourselves in heavy rain for a good portion of the trip from les Îles des Saintes back to Marina bas du Fort on Guadeloupe plus we also had to keep our eyes peeled for those ubiquitous fish traps sprinkled on our route.
While nobody was sick on the trip it wasn't a fitting final sail for my friends but at least shortly before arrival the skies cleared and we entered the marina in light winds - luckily they were light, since the slip that the Marina wanted to put me in was quite narrow but as a team we managed it with barely a nudge on the fenders to the left and right.
As we'd come to learn, appetites recovered quickly once the boat stopped rocking and rolling and we had a meal aboard from the remains of the previous dinners and everyone aboard was looking forward to a quiet night aboard at the docks, with nary a wave to move the boat and the air-conditioning running to get the humidity out of the air aboard.

Transient dock at Marina Bas du Fort Looking down the dock from Zanshin's position at Marina Bas du Fort on Guadeloupe.
[16°13'17.28"N 61°31'46.85"W (facing S)]
Transient dock at Marina Bas du Fort
Docks at the marina Docks at the huge Marina Bas du Fort on Guadeloupe. This is just one dock of many.
[16°13'17.28"N 61°31'46.85"W (facing N)]
Docks at the marina
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