The night was rolly and uncomfortable at anchor, but just borderline. The waves wrapped around the headland and slapped into the back of the boat but at 3AM I put in some earplugs to ameliorate the issues yet my guests didn't do quite as well so all of us were a bit tired at breakfast. To make everything worse I'd checked the weather and the forecast was for 25+ knots of wind and 2.6m swell for the passage to Dominica, and since the wind funnels between the Saintes and either Guadeloupe to the north or Dominica to the south I thought it advisable to postpone the passage for a day and both parents concurred - but the kids didn't adjust so well to the revised schedule. Their arguments were convincing, include some tears and "But you promised..." yet in the end the grown-ups prevailed and the girls got to do some shopping instead while Wolfgang and I were taken along for the ride and for Wolfgang's credit card.
Nonetheless it was another beach day (but a closer one next to the dinghy dock) and for dinner we went to the excellent restaurant Au Bon Vivre right next to the dinghy dock.
The weather report for the next day was only marginally better than for today, but in that respect the girls had remained firm and said that they wanted to see the rainforest and whales (ostensibly there's a 60% chance of sighting a whale on this passage, so if you do it twice you've got over a 100% chance of a sighting they thought...). The rough seas wouldn't bother the boat a bit, but would bug the girls, but they said the didn't care.

Le Bourg main street Le Bourg main street
[15°52'9.08"N 61°34'55.38"W (facing N)]
Le Bourg main street
Silvia in Le Bourg Silvia in Le Bourg
[15°52'8.24"N 61°34'55.71"W (facing S)]
Silvia in Le Bourg
Ferry dock square in Le Bourg Ferry dock square in Le Bourg
[15°52'5.68"N 61°34'56.64"W (facing S)]
Ferry dock square in Le Bourg
Ferry Dock in Le Bourg Ferry Dock in Le Bourg
[15°52'5.68"N 61°34'56.64"W (facing W)]
Ferry Dock in Le Bourg
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