The swell from the NNW started growing today and it was best to stick with an anchorage and position one knows, even if it isn't perfect, than try to find another anchorage which might be far worse, so I opted to stick here at Île Fourchue today. At around 09:00 I got a call from Petol who asked if I wanted to join them for a day sail towards St. Barths - the wind had finally picked up just enough to allow sailing rather than motoring. I joined them on their Sunsail 362 and we had a wonderful sail around a couple of colorfully named islands - Pelé, Île le Boulanger and thence to Anse Colombier and, since the swell was running high enough to make beaching the dinghy unfeasible, back to Île Fourchue for a nice 4 hour sail. The Jeanneau 362 with it's fully battened main sailed very well, we averaged around 4 knots in light winds and smooth but very large seas. The swell had a very long period so it wasn't too noticeable unless one realized that the horizon kept on disappearing for several seconds and the GPS speed would show big differences in speed.
Back aboard I did a bit of chores, visited the boat Out of Africa which was moored in the anchorage and of which I had some nice photos that I'd taken of the Heineken Regatta the week before. They didn't have any computers with which to read the USB stick I'd brought, so I returned to my boat in order to burn a CD with the pictures (each of which is about 15Mb).
After watching the anchoring antics of those boats coming to seek shelter from the swell, Welwyn and Friedemann came aboard for dinner and we spent a good 2 hours preparing a tasty meal - salad, BBQ garlic bread, and spaghetti Bolognese prepared painstakingly out the components and spices that we had aboard. It was an excellent meal and afterwards we all got an attack of the “sleepies” and retired for an early evening. I ended up getting awake again and cleaned up the kitchen, but didn't run the dishwasher as I wanted to do that the following morning.

Friedemann hoisting the main Friedemann hoisting the main
[17°57'9.67"N 62°54'30.09"W (facing E)]
Friedemann hoisting the main
Petol sailing along St. Barths With a fully battened main and big genoa, the Jeanneau 362 "Petol" sailed very well in the light winds
[17°57'9.67"N 62°54'30.09"W (facing E)]
Petol sailing along St. Barths
Friedemann and Wellon With a backround of waves smashing on the rocks, Friedemann and Wellon are enjoying their first real sailing day of their charter, as the winds had been too light in the days before.
[17°56'33.22"N 62°51'17.43"W (facing SE)]
Friedemann and Wellon
Waves breaking on shore The swell was now at a good 3 meters and the sight and sounds of the waves hitting the shoreline were impressive.
[17°56'30.87"N 62°51'2.91"W (facing S)]
Waves breaking on shore
Long surf break The long break of these 3 meter swells made for what looked like great surfing breaks - but in very dangerous waters.
[17°56'26.75"N 62°50'58.89"W (facing SE)]
Long surf break
Two waves crashing The big 3 meter swell sweeps around this island and the waves break in opposing directions and this is what happens when they meet
[17°56'12.06"N 62°50'23.36"W (facing E)]
Two waves crashing
Dinghy rider in the waves We had no idea what this gent in his dinghy was doing, but he was quite close to the dangerous breaking waves and I doubt he could have rowed that Caribe dinghy out of the danger zone had his outboard failed.
[17°55'42.36"N 62°50'59.82"W (facing NE)]
Dinghy rider in the waves
Uninhabited St. Barths islets Uninhabited St. Barths islets
[17°55'42.36"N 62°50'59.82"W (facing NE)]
Uninhabited St. Barths islets
Surfer paddling to the break This gent paddled the surfboard, with an additional blue stabilising board attached up front, across the channel and was heading for the surf breaking zone.
[17°55'42.36"N 62°50'59.82"W (facing NE)]
Surfer paddling to the break
Luna passing by the anchorage The megayacht Luna passing our anchorage at Ile Fourchue and heading towards Gustavia on St. Barths.
(2013-03-10 15:56:25 NIKON D7000 with a "18.0-200.0 mm f/3.5-5.6" lens. [f/11.0, 1/125s] ISO 100 Focus ∞)
Luna passing by the anchorage
Watching the sun set We are eating appetizers (well, bonbel cheese) and drinking our sundowners while waiting for the green flash after the sunset. We got a sunset, but no green flash.
[17°57'18.05"N 62°54'21.74"W (facing W)]
Watching the sun set
Sailboat coming in at sunset A lone sailboat coming into the anchorage at Ile Fourchue at sunset.
[17°57'19.23"N 62°54'20.2"W (facing W)]
Sailboat coming in at sunset
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