After cleaning up aboard in the morning and generally procrastinating any and all tasks, I dinghied out to Creole Rock with camera aboard to take some pictures while diving. I put the x2 and x4 extensions on the lens and the result was that things had to be within a couple of inches of the lens in order to be in focus, so I didn't get too many pictures but had a fun dive and no know for certain that my dive computer has bitten the dust (I replaced the battery and saw a brief LCD flash on the screen, but it has been dead since).
Up I still had over 2000 PSI left in the tank, so after a brief pause aboard, I went to dive on Zanshin and scrape the bottom with the king-size scraper I'd acquired in a French hardware store. I took the camera along to get some shots of how ineffective the U.S. installed bottom paint is in the warm and fecund Caribbean waters and also took some photos of the anchor chain and buried anchor.
Working with the scraper in scuba gear just a couple of feet below the surface is tiring work and Zanshin's bottom was pretty dirty. There were numerous small barnacles (dead ones left over from last season) and the beginnings of a green "beard" growing on the hull. I'll have to dive on the boat again in order to use a kitchen scrubbing pad to clean the scum away, but I've probably added a good knot of boat speed and have only done the aft portion of the boat! Getting rid of barnacles is not fun; the crumbly bits get between dive BCD and skin and itch, then one has to be careful not to let any unprotected body part touch the hull, since those little protrusions are very sharp and immediately cut skin.

USA Bottom pain doesn't cut it The 1-year old bottom paint from the USA is just not up to the Caribbean flora! This is before I start scraping...
(2013-03-04 15:00:58 NIKON D7000 with a "35.0 mm f/1.8" lens. [f/5.6, 1/40s] ISO 100 Focus 0.30m)
USA Bottom pain doesn't cut it
Barracuda guarding my chain While photographing my anchor and chain I looked up to see this big guy checking me out...
[18°6'23.74"N 63°3'27.5"W ]
Barracuda guarding my chain
Anchor buried in sand My anchor buried to the hilt in hard sand in Grand Case, St. Martin. The swivel is at the bottom and the two blades would be seen at the top, if they weren't under the sand.
[18°6'23.74"N 63°3'27.5"W ]
Anchor buried in sand
Buried Anchor looking from the tip of the anchor down the shaft and chain of a properly set anchor in Grand Case, St. Martin
[18°6'23.74"N 63°3'27.5"W ]
Buried Anchor
Zanshin's anchor in hard sand A well-set anchor, just the shank and swivel visible.
[18°6'23.74"N 63°3'27.5"W ]
Zanshin's anchor in hard sand
Anchor chain in the sand Zanshin's anchor chain in sand and sea-grass
[18°6'23.74"N 63°3'27.5"W ]
Anchor chain in the sand
Fouled chain While checking out my anchor and chain I saw that the wind shifts had fouled my chain. After going about 4 feet along this outgrowth it makes a 45 degree bend to the left.
[18°6'23.74"N 63°3'27.5"W ]
Fouled chain
Snubber from below The snubber on Zanshin viewed from below. This is a 3-strand splice and I let the 1-2 inches untucked, which is why the whole assembly looks a bit "fuzzy". I'll trim the loose ends next time I raise the anchor.
[18°8'11.59"N 63°6'5.47"W ]
Snubber from below
Goby peeking out Goby peeking out
[18°7'3.39"N 63°3'25.06"W ]
Goby peeking out
Sea feathers in the current Sea feathers in the current
[18°6'23.74"N 63°3'27.5"W ]
Sea feathers in the current
Sea Feathers Sea Feathers
[18°6'23.74"N 63°3'27.5"W ]
Sea Feathers
Corals in Grand Case Corals in Grand Case
[18°6'23.74"N 63°3'27.5"W ]
Corals in Grand Case
Growth on Zanshin's prop I need to get a brillo pad down here next time I go diving to clean up the growth on the shaft and propellor
(2013-03-04 15:00:49 NIKON D7000 with a "35.0 mm f/1.8" lens. [f/5.6, 1/125s] ISO 100 Focus 0.30m)
Growth on Zanshin's prop
Corroded Zinc This Zinc is quite corroded and needs immediate replacement!
(2013-03-04 15:00:53 NIKON D7000 with a "35.0 mm f/1.8" lens. [f/5.6, 1/50s] ISO 100 Focus 0.30m)
Corroded Zinc
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