Although I wasn't able to check the internet, the feel of the waves and wind seemed right and I decided that it was time to head off to St. Martin. I opted to sail up to the North Sound of Virgin Gorda and then clear out on the next day for a night passage to the French side of St. Martin. The sail was a blast with good winds and a good angle making those constant tacks upwind unnecessary. Once anchored off Prickly Pear I did check the weather and my guess had been right - despite a 6 foot swell the winds were right and weren't going to get any better in the next couple of days. I took the dinghy ashore and turned it upside down for some cleaning and later also cleaned some of the growth from the waterline of Zanshin. I went to Saba Rock for happy hour and witnessed the tarpon feeding for the first time, then returned to the boat for a BBQ dinner and watched my first movie on the notebook on this trip ("Skyfall").

Daddy and Mommyboast rafting with the kids I found this funny-looking, with all the different sizes of yachts rafted next to each other outside of The Bight on Norman Island.
[18°19'10.17"N 64°37'11.51"W (facing NW)]
Daddy and Mommyboast rafting with the kids
Ketch under full sail I rarely see ketches with all their sails out, so this was a welcome sight indeed, a true cutter-ketch rig.
[18°23'7.72"N 64°34'13.53"W (facing W)]
Ketch under full sail
Spinnaker down the Sir Francis Drake A Catamaran flying a colorful spinnaker doing the dead-downwind run in the Sir Francis Drake Channel.
[18°23'51.11"N 64°33'11.73"W (facing W)]
Spinnaker down the Sir Francis Drake
Dragging my dinghy behind The engine is removed and lying down in the dinghy but the carpet of algae and crud growing on the bottom is already creating additional drag.
[18°27'36.25"N 64°28'17.57"W (facing SW)]
Dragging my dinghy behind
Sailing up the channel Doing 7 knots on this angle is pretty good for the course, normally the wind direction is such that one needs to tack many times in order to get to the top of Virgin Gorda.
[18°27'45.92"N 64°27'55.95"W ]
Sailing up the channel
Melges racing of Neckar I cut the corner of the racetrack in order to maintain my angle on the entrance to the North Sound and was quite far away from the action, but these guys were FAST and would pop out their spinnakers at a second's notice.
[18°32'20.78"N 64°23'10.13"W (facing SE)]
Melges racing of Neckar
Racing off Neckar 3 raceboats on their upwind tack with Neckar Island in the background.
[18°32'20.78"N 64°23'10.13"W (facing SE)]
Racing off Neckar
Saba Tarpon feeding 17:00 is feeding time for the Tarpon hanging around the docks. I don't know if I would really want to hang my toes out that far at this time of day. The term "Tarpon feeding frenzy" comes to mind.
[18°30'10.89"N 64°21'28.85"W (facing S)]
Saba Tarpon feeding
Tarpon circling at Saba These Tarpon are circling around the feeding area at Saba Rock
[18°30'10.89"N 64°21'28.85"W (facing S)]
Tarpon circling at Saba
Youngest crewmember eyeing a lobster The youngest crewmember of the racing team of "Inga from Sweden" eyeing a lobster with some fascination. Thankfully these Caribbean ones don't have the monster claws of those found in colder waters.
[18°30'10.15"N 64°21'28.33"W (facing NW)]
Youngest crewmember eyeing a lobster
Saba Rock dinner Dinner being carried around the area prior to preparation and consumption.
[18°30'10.11"N 64°21'28.31"W (facing NW)]
Saba Rock dinner
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