Having seen a post on one of the on-line forums that there would a gathering at Cane Garden Bay for the live show at the Elm, I decided to weigh anchor in the North Sound and set sail for Cane Garden Bay, by way of the Coral Gardens dive site on Great Dog Island. The first part to Great Dog was a mixed downwind run between 3 knots in the lulls and an occasional 6 knots when the wind picked up; I picked up the only non-commercial buoy there and was all alone while setting up the dive gear. The wind picked up and the waves coming around Virgin Gorda made the stay there somewhat uncomfortable and I debated going on this dive for a bit and then decided to call it a day. I made a quick snack and then, with plenty of time on hand, decided to sail downwind inside the Sir Francis Drake channel rather for a longer, but more protected, run than if I had gone around the outside of Tortola.
The second part of the sail was very nice, with speeds around 7-8 knots and the wind 30° off the stern. After passing Nanny Cay the waves picked up and the wind died, making that portion of the sail somewhat uncomfortable but I wasn't going to turn on the engine despite being overtaken by a small and light boat and having the speed drop between 2 and 3 knots. After rounding the point at Soper's Hole the trip was once again nice with an upwind run to Cane Garden Bay with a stiff breeze and absolutely no waves - making for a great short run to outside of the reef.
Despite just one marker the entrance was easier this time (practice makes perfect) and I motored at dead-slow around an area of the anchorage with 20-30 feet of water and no mooring balls before choosing my spot to drop the hook. I dove on the anchor after setting it was reminded how easy it is to make a mistake, my anchor had set well in sand only a couple of feet from 2 beach chairs; had the anchor hooked into those it certainly could not have held in any kind of gusts or wind.
By the time I'd cleaned up the boat, showered & shaved, changed and found the flash to the camera it was almost time to go, I had enough time to spare to visit the store but, alas, they had no fly strips just fly spray and I'm not a big fan of pesticides in the boat so I continued on.
I met a number of people in person whom I met online at The Elm and enjoyed conversation plus the excellent live show by the Elmtones. The ribs were tasty and I was hard-put to stay awake after the long sailing day and the combination of heavy food and alcohol but managed to remain until the end of the second set before heading back to the boat (which was harder to find than I though as I'd somehow turned the anchor light on then off and the boat was dark).

Bitter End Yacht Club View behind me as I sail downwind in the North Sound leaving the distinctive huts of the Bitter End Yacht Club behind.
[18°30'5.12"N 64°22'38.92"W (facing SE)]
Bitter End Yacht Club
Rising Sun at anchor The huge and impressive megayacht Rising Sun at anchor with the crew bringing out the daytime toys for the guests aboard.
[18°29'42.27"N 64°22'21.46"W (facing NW)]
Rising Sun at anchor
Rising Sun sternview The aft section of Rising Sun, owned by David Geffen (originally by Larry Ellison) and is the 10th largest in the world.
[18°29'50.32"N 64°22'36.45"W (facing SE)]
Rising Sun sternview
Scheherazade moving The elegant Scheherazade moving under engine past me after exiting the channel in the North Sound of Virgin Gorda.
[18°31'5.63"N 64°23'14.76"W (facing E)]
Scheherazade moving
Yachts beating at Beef Island Two yachts on opposite tacks sailing hard on the wind off Beef Island
[18°25'26.69"N 64°30'34.77"W (facing N)]
Yachts beating at Beef Island
Sailing past Beef Island Sailing downwind with full genoa past Beef Island on Zanshin
[18°26'25.32"N 64°29'53.36"W (facing SW)]
Sailing past Beef Island
Beef Island cardinal mark One of the few cardinal marks in the BVI. This is a "South" marker, meaning you should pass to the south of it to avoid the danger it is marking. That danger is clearly visible as the rocks that waves are breaking on between the mark and the shoreline.
[18°25'36.25"N 64°31'18.53"W (facing W)]
Beef Island cardinal mark
Cockpit view while sailing Sailing comfortably down the Sir Francis Drake channel.
[18°24'49.17"N 64°32'51.34"W (facing SW)]
Cockpit view while sailing
Phoenix 2 on AIS The AIS information on the megayacht Phoenix 2 as it passes in the distance in the Sir Francis Drake channel in the BVI
(2013-02-17 14:10:50 NIKON D7000 with a "18.0-200.0 mm f/3.5-5.6" lens. [f/5.0, 1/80s] ISO 160 Focus 0.67m)
Phoenix 2 on AIS
Phoenix 2 zooming by About 10 minutes after this yacht passed by me in the distance the wake hit Zanshin and rocked her around, luckily not as much as the small raceboat that slammed into it full-tilt and got all aboard soaked.
[18°23'20.62"N 64°37'49.83"W (facing SE)]
Phoenix 2 zooming by
Cane Garden Bay shoreline View of the (distant) shoreline from my anchorage position in the bay.
[18°25'35.92"N 64°39'39.36"W (facing E)]
Cane Garden Bay shoreline
The Elm - before dinner & Show The TTOL Table at the Elm.
[18°25'36.66"N 64°39'26.02"W ]
The Elm - before dinner & Show
The Elm in Cane Garden Bay Our TTOL and other guests of Candace and Malcolm at the stageside table at the Elm.
[18°25'36.66"N 64°39'26.02"W ]
The Elm in Cane Garden Bay
Dancing to the Elmtones Dancing to the music of the Elmtones
[18°25'36.66"N 64°39'26.02"W ]
Dancing to the Elmtones
Band rests during A Capella solo The keyboardist and drummer take a break while the lead singer performs an a capella solo (with a bit of support from the lead guitarist)
[18°25'36.66"N 64°39'26.02"W ]
Band rests during A Capella solo
Second set dancing at the Elm The band in rocking and the folk are dancing during the lively second set of music
[18°25'36.66"N 64°39'26.02"W ]
Second set dancing at the Elm
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