Another early morning as in the past couple of days, but looking out back I saw that the wind had shifted somewhat from the normal direction and I was no longer in 20 feet of water but had swung closer to the mangroves ashore and at the far swing had about 3 feet under the keel, so instead of staying another day in that location I thought I'd relocate and, since I was moving anyway, used the genoa to drift downwind outside of the North Sound and took a mooring at Mountain Point in order to get a shallow-water dive done.
On the way I had the misfortune to cross paths with a swarm of small flies who have now infested every nook and cranny of the boat - there are hundreds of them aboard and they don't seen to want to leave. I hope that the upwind sail back to the North Sound will do part of the job of getting rid of them, apart from that I hope that they depart or die out quickly and they are bothersome indeed. I wonder if I could run the genset and whip out the vacuum cleaner to see if I can suck them up that way.
After happy hour crowd watching at Saba Rock I've returned to the boat for dinner and, alas, those flies are still there; albeit in lesser numbers they seem to have spread out quite well. I will try one of two methods - (a) alcohol for myself so that I don't notice them anymore, or (b) going to Leverick Bay tomorrow and buying some fly strips at the store. The more I think about it, I'll try (c) Vacuum cleaner first, then go on to both methods (a) and (b) for a triple-pronged fly attack.

Anchored close to shore The wind shifted overnight and instead of about 20 feet of water, I only had 4 feet beneath the keel when I took this, so I opted to weigh anchor and depart.
[18°30'7.69"N 64°22'1.64"W (facing NW)]
Anchored close to shore
Intuition II yacht This yacht came in flying a yellow (quarantine) flag the night before, so it had just arrived in the BVI from some other country.
[18°30'6.89"N 64°22'0.48"W (facing E)]
Intuition II yacht
Seanna at anchor Surprisingly, I liked the look of this elegant Megayacht.
[18°29'49.45"N 64°22'9.88"W (facing S)]
Seanna at anchor
Scheherazade yacht Scheherazade is an elegant 155 foot megayacht built in 2003 by Hodgdon in wood and epoxy.
[18°29'47.54"N 64°22'14.12"W (facing SW)]
Scheherazade yacht
Rising Sun The Rising Sun dwarfed all the other ships in the North Sound today.
[18°29'53.4"N 64°22'0.92"W (facing S)]
Rising Sun
Mountain Point dive site (above) The dive site at Mountain Point see from above the waterline.
[18°30'12.54"N 64°24'57.66"W ]
Mountain Point dive site (above)
Silhouette coral Silhouette coral
[18°30'12.54"N 64°24'57.66"W ]
Silhouette coral
Spotted Ray Spotted Ray
[18°30'12.54"N 64°24'57.66"W ]
Spotted Ray
Coral outcropping Coral outcropping
[18°30'12.54"N 64°24'57.66"W ]
Coral outcropping
Underwater flora Underwater flora
[18°30'12.54"N 64°24'57.66"W ]
Underwater flora
Corals and plants Corals and plants
[18°30'12.54"N 64°24'57.66"W ]
Corals and plants
Invasion of the flies A swarm of these small flies came aboard and spread out all over the place. I don't know how I'm going to get rid of them and they are really bothersome, buzzing around all over the boat.
(2013-02-16 13:16:44 NIKON D7000 with a "35.0 mm f/1.8" lens. [f/3.2, 1/60s] ISO 100 Focus 0.71m)
Invasion of the flies
Flies all over A swarm of these pesky flies has invaded the boat. I don't know how I'm going to get rid of these pesky buggers.
(2013-02-16 13:17:21 NIKON D7000 with a "35.0 mm f/1.8" lens. [f/4.0, 1/60s] ISO 100 Focus 1.00m)
Flies all over
Zanshin keel from underneath The repairs to the keel were well done and they actually did cover the bottom of the keel with new bottom paint.
[18°30'12.54"N 64°24'57.66"W ]
Zanshin keel from underneath
Zanshin rudder The bottom paint was scraped off slowly last year by the muddy bottom in the Simpson Bay lagoon, at the far end of my swings I would touch the mud and after 24 hours this is what it did.
[18°30'12.54"N 64°24'57.66"W ]
Zanshin rudder
Saba Rock seating The seating area around the bar at Saba Rock during the final sunlit minutes of happy hour
[18°30'10.13"N 64°21'28.31"W (facing NW)]
Saba Rock seating
Saba Rock Ferry II This ferry goes around the North Sound continuously, picking up and dropping off guests at the major locations (for free)
[18°30'10.13"N 64°21'28.31"W (facing SW)]
Saba Rock Ferry II
Gemma at Saba Rock Gemma serving at the Saba Rock bar.
[18°30'10.13"N 64°21'28.31"W (facing NE)]
Gemma at Saba Rock
Rum punches ready to go Two fresh drinks ready for imbibement at Saba Rock
[18°30'10.13"N 64°21'28.31"W ]
Rum punches ready to go
Departing Saba Rock Leaving Saba Rock by dinghy in the last rays of sunshine.
[18°30'10.15"N 64°21'30.08"W (facing E)]
Departing Saba Rock
Saba Rock patio Saba Rock patio
[18°30'10.99"N 64°21'28.78"W (facing SE)]
Saba Rock patio
Saba Rock sunset This time the sunset was seen from Saba Rock and not from the boat (which is anchored so far away on the right-hand side of the picture that the mast can barely be discerned)
[18°30'9.75"N 64°21'28.1"W (facing SW)]
Saba Rock sunset
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