I'd decided to try one more day of Jost van Dyke and either go scuba diving (not a good idea considering the rather unsettled water conditions) or finally walk to the top of the hill and enjoy the view across to Tortola and St. Thomas; the latter was going to be my task for the day. After applying SPF50 and stopping by at Corsair's (where they gave me some water as I'd left mine aboard the boat), I trekked up the hill which is both steeper than I thought and higher - not helped by my out-of-shape office-worker body. The hike was worth it indeed with pretty views on all side of the island and the good side effect that it has increased my appetite for dinner.
Upon return I rested a bit in the shade and managed to see the old Zanshin I depart the anchorage, but she later came back in to anchor and Tim, the new owner, came by to say hello and we talked about boats for bit
I had a tasty dinner at Corsair's but upon finding my dinghy at the dock it had been pushed underneath somehow and was impossible to move; I ended up letting out most of the air in the chambers and had to carefully motor back with a flaccid dinghy and will have to pump up the chambers again before trying to get in.

4 Master sailing by This ship was later anchored off White Bay and I couldn't get the name, but it is a cruise sailing ship
[18°23'31.18"N 64°35'58.59"W (facing S)]
4 Master sailing by
Corsair's Bar during the day Vinnie behind the bar for lunchtime business at Corsair's
[18°26'42.99"N 64°45'3.8"W (facing NE)]
Corsair's Bar during the day
Jost goat These goats were all over the island as seen during my walk. It is surprising how such a small package can make such a load bleating noise!
[18°26'48.91"N 64°45'13.46"W ]
Jost goat
Bromeliads in the trees Bromeliads in the trees
[18°26'48.55"N 64°45'43.51"W (facing N)]
Bromeliads in the trees
Steep road switchback A switchback on the walk up the hill on this well-graded and very wide dirt road; in parts it was steep enough that I doubted cars could drive down it and be able to control their descent during rains.
[18°26'56.68"N 64°45'20.1"W (facing SW)]
Steep road switchback
Looking west on Jost Looking west on Jost
[18°26'51.19"N 64°45'31.53"W (facing W)]
Looking west on Jost
Steep road up from Great Harbour steep road up the hill behind Great Harbour; this was the one section with a concrete bed, the rest was a well-built and very wide dirt road.
[18°26'49.87"N 64°45'14.85"W (facing SE)]
Steep road up from Great Harbour
White Bay reef This picture shows the reef protecting White Bay in good contrast. It has 2 entranceways and many charter (and private) boats have ended up on the reef after making errors or breaking away from their moorings or anchors in inclement weather.
[18°26'40.78"N 64°46'4.48"W (facing E)]
White Bay reef
White Bay Jost van Dyke A view from over White Bay, home of the Soggy Dollar Bar and Seddy's One Love among other establishments.
[18°26'29.27"N 64°45'26.86"W (facing W)]
White Bay Jost van Dyke
White Bay beach I walked down the road in the background and it was quite a bit steeper than it looks in this picture of the White Bay main beach.
[18°26'29.27"N 64°45'26.86"W (facing W)]
White Bay beach
White Bay vista A wide shot of the whole of White Bay
[18°26'46.09"N 64°45'58.96"W (facing SE)]
White Bay vista
Jost van Dyke Great Harbour Great harbour seen from the climb up the hill. Zanshin is just barely visible as the topmost and rightmost sailboat in the picture.
[18°26'36.4"N 64°45'17.82"W (facing E)]
Jost van Dyke Great Harbour
Great Harbour on Jost View towards Tortola while climbing up the hill on Jost van Dyke. The blue Caribbean waters looked particularly refreshing while I was sweating walking up the hill.
[18°26'37.59"N 64°45'16.57"W (facing E)]
Great Harbour on Jost
Square-rigger drifting past Tortola It certainly looked like a pirate ship of old!
(2013-02-13 14:59:13 NIKON D7000 with a "18.0-200.0 mm f/3.5-5.6" lens. [f/5.0, 1/250s] ISO 125 Focus ∞)
Square-rigger drifting past Tortola
Miriam's Star in Great Harbour The old Zanshin I, now rechristened "Miriam's Star" in Great Harbour on Jost van Dyke
(2013-02-13 16:37:19 NIKON D7000 with a "18.0-200.0 mm f/3.5-5.6" lens. [f/6.3, 1/160s] ISO 125 Focus 15.00m)
Miriam's Star in Great Harbour
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