I stayed a second day and night at Cane Garden Bay, taking advantage of the calm conditions in the anchorage while I could. I did some work online during much of the day, went ashore for a bit and generally puttered around the boat until Kapeye's Happy Hour at Myett's came around on the clock. I enjoyed the show and returned for a simple Couscous dinner aboard the boat, vowing to use the next morning to prepare and bake some bread so I'd have real bread rather than the white toast commonly found on the island.

Diamonds on the soles of her Shoes A tribute plaque to the Elmtones and the song "She's a Rich girl"
[18°25'36.65"N 64°39'26.03"W ]
Diamonds on the soles of her Shoes
Birthday Cake One of the girls had her 13th birthday and this was the fresh-baked cake made for her, and which subsequently fed quite a number of guests at Myett's
[18°25'33.86"N 64°39'26.16"W ]
Birthday Cake
Myett's Bar in Cane Garden Bay View from the front of the bar to the back at Myett's in Cane Garden Bay during Kapeye's happy hour entertainment
[18°25'33.86"N 64°39'26.16"W ]
Myett's Bar in Cane Garden Bay
Kapeye's IRS The IRS is the "International Rhythm Section" during Kapeye's Happy Hour Show at Myett's in Cane Garden Bay.
[18°25'33.86"N 64°39'26.16"W ]
Kapeye's IRS
Kapeye's Happy Hour Kapeye rocking the audience at Myett's during happy hour with Malcolm assisting on an instrument whose name I do not know.
[18°25'33.86"N 64°39'26.16"W ]
Kapeye's Happy Hour
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