After an early 5:30 wake-up call in order to get to the airport in time for an 08:15 departure the day progressed well. This entry is being written while cruising at altitude from Washington to Puerto Rico; then I've got a couple of hours wait at the airport there before the final leg to Beef Island. My suitcase, full of only coffee pods for the Nespresso machine and a Peli case for the camera and lenses is rather heavy, while the 59 pounds are acceptable for international flying I am going to have to pay $30 in extra baggage charges when I check into my little airline flight to the BVI. Those Peli cases look great in movies and are certainly both inordinately tough and waterproof, but they are rather heavy and the case itself weighs as much as the normal weight allowance.
I was wrong - $47 in extra charges, more than half again of what the ticket originally cost because they also weigh the carry-on.
What a long day - it is only 17:15 right now, I've been waiting since 12:30 and the flight doesn't board for another hour! I should have looked at the other options more closely since quite a few American Airline flights have departed for Tortola since I've been here and, if I take the baggage and carry-on charges into account, the American Airline flights would have been cheaper.
Upon arrival I had the luxury of the VIP treatment at the airport and then took a cab to Nanny Cay, had a quick shower in the room and had my first Carib in many months at Capt. Mulligan's accompanied by a tasty cheeseburger.

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