I spent most of the morning, after breakfast of French Toast and coffee, looking and editing the pictures of the previous days and updating this blog; but finally managed to leave the boat around 13:00 for a dive around the Créole Rock island. Then a bit of maintenance on the boat which led up to a viewing of sunset with Audrey and Darrell accompanied with a bit of garlic bread before heading ashore for postprandial delights at Calmos Café, in my case a beef satay and for them their dessert as they'd already eaten dinner aboard Leila.

Parrotfish at Creole Rock Parrotfish at Creole Rock
[18°7'6.95"N 63°3'22.75"W ]
Parrotfish at Creole Rock
Ocean Surgeonfish hiding An Ocean Surgeonfish hiding behind a coral head.
[18°7'6.95"N 63°3'22.75"W ]
Ocean Surgeonfish hiding
Porcupinefish in a cave Finally I got a closeup picture from the front of a Porcupinefish; this one wasn't too shy.
[18°7'6.95"N 63°3'22.75"W ]
Porcupinefish in a cave
Southern Stingray off Creole Rock A southern stingray on the outside of Creole Rock.
[18°7'6.95"N 63°3'22.75"W ]
Southern Stingray off Creole Rock
Gray Angelfish Gray Angelfish
[18°7'6.95"N 63°3'22.75"W ]
Gray Angelfish
Mutton Snapper Mutton Snapper
[18°7'6.95"N 63°3'22.75"W ]
Mutton Snapper
Spotted eagle Ray Spotted eagle Ray
[18°7'6.95"N 63°3'22.75"W ]
Spotted eagle Ray
Spotted Eagle Ray Spotted Eagle Ray
[18°7'6.95"N 63°3'22.75"W ]
Spotted Eagle Ray
Lionfish Lionfish
[18°7'6.95"N 63°3'22.75"W ]
School of Horse-eye Jacks School of Horse-eye Jacks
[18°7'6.95"N 63°3'22.75"W ]
School of Horse-eye Jacks
Smooth Trunkfish Smooth Trunkfish
[18°7'6.95"N 63°3'22.75"W ]
Smooth Trunkfish
Sean from Octopus divers I met Sean and 2 guests going the other way around Creole Rock - they chose better than I did as I was pushing into the current the whole way.
[18°7'6.95"N 63°3'22.75"W ]
Sean from Octopus divers
Pair of Porcupinefish This pair of Porcupinefish gave the definite impression of being in a mating ritual.
[18°7'6.95"N 63°3'22.75"W ]
Pair of Porcupinefish
Sharknose Goby Sharknose Goby
[18°7'6.95"N 63°3'22.75"W ]
Sharknose Goby
Rainshowers over Anguilla A band of showers crosses over distant Anguilla.
[18°6'18.38"N 63°3'25.41"W (facing N)]
Rainshowers over Anguilla
Happy Hour on Zanshin Happy Hour on Zanshin
[18°6'22.05"N 63°3'34.06"W (facing NE)]
Happy Hour on Zanshin
Audrey and Darrell at Calmos Audrey and Darrell at the Calmos Cafe in Grand Case, St. Martin.
[18°6'14.75"N 63°3'17.68"W (facing SE)]
Audrey and Darrell at Calmos
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