I remained at Île Tintamarre today, spending the first three uncomfortable hours replacing the impeller on the generator (again) and then taking a walk with Carment & Bernd, Sue, Audrey & Darrell into the wilds of island. We did find a recently opened liferaft ashore that had all the emergency items still in the raft (before we departed) and then tried several forays into the gorse and brush and rocks looking for a path through. We did manage to locate the airfield saw some old rusting rotary engines and foundations of what used to be airport buildings but the ladies' legs were scratched quite badly by the brush so we returned to the boats.
Back aboard I didn some cleaning up after my repairs and then a quick dive at the tugboat wreck with the macro lens attachments on the camera and dinner on Mau with the same cast of characters as in the morning.

Onan generator impeller, R.I.P. This is the second impeller that the generator has eaten, and this time all the missing pieces in this picture were stuck in the hose and had to picked out carefully to remove the blockage
(2012-03-13 09:19:52 NIKON D7000 with a "35.0 mm f/1.8" lens. [f/6.3, 1/160s] ISO 100 Focus 0.47m)
Onan generator impeller, R.I.P.
Onan generator opened up The Onan generator opened up to allow access to the impeller pump assembly. Unfortunately, I also had to remove the hoses as they had plugged up with impeller blade parts.
(2012-03-13 09:53:59 NIKON D7000 with a "35.0 mm f/1.8" lens. [f/4.0, 1/50s] ISO 100 Focus 1.78m)
Onan generator opened up
Scavenging liferaft remains This liferaft was opened and its pieces left to rot in the sun, so we assisted in "garbage removal".
[18°6'58.87"N 62°59'14.82"W (facing W)]
Scavenging liferaft remains
Tintamarre anchorage The mooring field at Ile Tintamarre with Zanshin safely attached to a mooring ball.
[18°7'5.68"N 62°59'16.38"W (facing S)]
Tintamarre anchorage
Tintamarre lizard Tintamarre lizard
[18°7'3.35"N 62°59'15.55"W ]
Tintamarre lizard
Rocky Tintamarre cliff A rocky cliff at the mooring field on Ile Tintamarre, St. Martin.
[18°7'3.37"N 62°59'15.5"W (facing SW)]
Rocky Tintamarre cliff
Tintamarre airport engine An old airplane engine at the Tintamarre ex-airport. All the brushes are on what used to be the runway, taxiways and parking area.
[18°7'0.53"N 62°59'7.3"W (facing E)]
Tintamarre airport engine
Rusting engine on Tintamarre An old rotary engine rusting away at the remains of the Tintamarre landing field.
[18°6'59.39"N 62°59'8.55"W (facing NE)]
Rusting engine on Tintamarre
Tintamarre airfield building foundation The foundation is all that remains of this building on the old airfield on Ile Tintamarre, St. Martin.
[18°6'59.7"N 62°59'8.24"W (facing N)]
Tintamarre airfield building foundation
Tintamarre southwest coast The rocky southwest coast of Ile Tintamarre, off St. Martin (in the background) with the protective reef breaking the big waves.
[18°6'48.7"N 62°59'14.25"W (facing S)]
Tintamarre southwest coast
Small queen Angelfish A juvenile (or very small) Queen Angelfish hiding in the tugboat wreck.
[18°7'18.44"N 62°59'12"W ]
Small queen Angelfish
Fire Worm Small Fireworm in the corals growing on the Tugboat wreck off Ile Tintamarre, St. Martin.
[18°7'18.44"N 62°59'12"W ]
Fire Worm
Juvenile Beaugregory A small and shy juvenile Beaugregory on the Tugboat wreck, Ile Tintamarre, St. Martin.
[18°7'18.44"N 62°59'12"W ]
Juvenile Beaugregory
Doctorfish at the tugboat A Doctorfish at the tugboat wreck under Ile Tintamarre, St. Martin.
[18°7'18.44"N 62°59'12"W ]
Doctorfish at the tugboat
Southern Stingray waiting Southern Stingray in the sand close to the wreck of the tugboat underneath Ile Tintamarre, St. Martin
[18°7'18.44"N 62°59'12"W ]
Southern Stingray waiting
Mutton Snapper This Mutton Snapper is by far the largest fish hanging about the wreck of the tugboat under Ile Tintamarre, St. Martin.
[18°7'18.44"N 62°59'12"W ]
Mutton Snapper
Unidentified fish I couldn't locate this fish in my book, but I'm sure it must be there somewhere...
[18°7'18.44"N 62°59'12"W ]
Unidentified fish
Wetsuit hanging out to dry My wetsuit hanging up to dry (inside-out) after diving at the Tintamarre tugboat wreck.
[18°7'3.51"N 62°59'17.56"W (facing SW)]
Wetsuit hanging out to dry
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