Today was yet another dive at Île Fourchue, but this time we were all prepared and both ladies enjoyed it, swimming from sight to sight including some huge barracuda, lots of rays buried in the sand, a spotted Moray, a very large lobster, lots of flora and more reef fish. We went all the way down to our allowed depth of 60ft and when I made the signal to return Desi waved off and wanted 5 more minutes but we returned and she finished off her safety stop with just over 600 PSI so it turned out to be good timing after all. Once we'd made the wet upwind return trip on the dinghy and cleaned the dive gear we debated staying for another dive or going to Île Tintamarre to dive the tugboat wreck and they opted for the latter so we had a pretty hefty sail to Tintamarre with very big seas and although I'd securely fastened the tanks I could hear them clink as we rolled and it turned out that the coffee machine in the galley had gone on walkabout but once we got a mooring ball (on the 2nd attempt) at Tintamarre I took the dinghy to the dive site to check on conditions while the ladies got to clean the galley.
Unfortunately the conditions weren't good at the dive site as it is a bit exposed to the swell and there was too much for my comfort. I had to break the bad news to them and was a bit worried about being the bearer of bad news but they didn't beat me up too badly...
We then had a snack and then a very fast sail under just the genoa to Grand Case, where we anchored and then headed ashore to Calmos Café after showers. We had a lot of fun at Calmos Café with the live (salsa) music and tasty food and didn't return until after midnight.

Desi clearing her mask during a dive at Ile Fourchue in St. Barths.
[17°57'22.88"N 62°54'36.55"W ]
Great Barracuda A big Great Barracuda checking out the divers.
[17°57'22.88"N 62°54'36.55"W ]
Great Barracuda
Great Barracuda slowly swimming away This Great Barracuda was unimpressed by our group of divers and only swam away slowly in boredom after a minute or so.
[17°57'22.88"N 62°54'36.55"W ]
Great Barracuda slowly swimming away
Doctorfish A Doctorfish displaying the typical body bars swimming at Ile Fourchue
[17°57'22.88"N 62°54'36.55"W ]
Two blue Chromis Two blue Chromis
[17°57'22.88"N 62°54'36.55"W ]
Two blue Chromis
Large spiny lobster hiding Large spiny lobster hiding
[17°57'22.88"N 62°54'36.55"W ]
Large spiny lobster hiding
Large spiny lobster Large spiny lobster
[17°57'22.88"N 62°54'36.55"W ]
Large spiny lobster
Gobies around sponges Gobies around sponges
[17°57'22.88"N 62°54'36.55"W ]
Gobies around sponges
Hogfish on the bottom Hogfish on the bottom
[17°57'22.88"N 62°54'36.55"W ]
Hogfish on the bottom
Plants underwater Plants underwater
[17°57'22.88"N 62°54'36.55"W ]
Plants underwater
Honeycomb Cowfish This honeycomb Cowfish was quite shy and it was impossible to approach closely.
[17°57'22.88"N 62°54'36.55"W ]
Honeycomb Cowfish
Agathe is "OK" during the 3 minute safety stop at 15 feet.
[17°57'22.88"N 62°54'36.55"W ]
Southern Stingray Southern Stingray
[17°57'22.88"N 62°54'36.55"W ]
Southern Stingray
Reef Butterflyfish Reef Butterflyfish hovering over a large sponge.
[17°57'22.88"N 62°54'36.55"W ]
Reef Butterflyfish
Honeycomb Cowfish departing A shy Honeycomb Cowfish escaping.
[17°57'22.88"N 62°54'36.55"W ]
Honeycomb Cowfish departing
Southern Stingray leaving cover I approached just a bit too closely for this Southern Stingray's liking.
[17°57'22.88"N 62°54'36.55"W ]
Southern Stingray leaving cover
Southern stingray flying away Southern stingray flying away
[17°57'22.88"N 62°54'36.55"W ]
Southern stingray flying away
Southern Stingray in hiding These Southern Stingrays cover themselves in sand with their eyes and tail protruding and are usually quite well camoflaged.
[17°57'22.88"N 62°54'36.55"W ]
Southern Stingray in hiding
Sea Feathers Sea Feathers
[17°57'22.88"N 62°54'36.55"W ]
Sea Feathers
Desi and Agathe at 15 feet Safety stop at 15 feet
[17°57'22.88"N 62°54'36.55"W ]
Desi and Agathe at 15 feet
Buddies underwater Buddies underwater at our 3 minute safety stop at 15 feet.
[17°57'22.88"N 62°54'36.55"W ]
Buddies underwater
Arnd at the safety stop I'm "OK" while waiting to ascend at the 15 foot deep 3 minute safety stop.
[17°57'22.88"N 62°54'36.55"W ]
Arnd at the safety stop
Agathe and Desi Agathe and Desi
(2012-03-08 18:22:38 NIKON D7000 with a "18.0-200.0 mm f/3.5-5.6" lens. [f/3.8, 1/60s] ISO 800 Focus 1.50m)
Agathe and Desi
Grand Case Sunset Grand Case Sunset
(2012-03-08 18:19:29 NIKON D7000 with a "18.0-200.0 mm f/3.5-5.6" lens. [f/4.0, 1/160s] ISO 500 Focus 3.76m)
Grand Case Sunset
Photographing the sunset Photographing the sunset
(2012-03-08 18:20:50 NIKON D7000 with a "18.0-200.0 mm f/3.5-5.6" lens. [f/5.0, 1/13s] ISO 500 Focus 1.00m)
Photographing the sunset
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