Today was marked by a short, but intense, sail to Île Fourchue in strong winds and a quartering rear wave pattern that made for roller-coaster conditions. To top it off, we caught the tail-end of a squall on approach to the island. Once inside the protection of the anchorage the waves were less significant but the wind still howled through the hills and we had to make 3 attempts to pick up a mooring ball.
Once we'd gotten set and ready aboard we packed our dive stuff onto the dinghy and headed out to the dive site at the outer edge of the anchorage, the unsettled conditions above the water were quickly forgotten once we descended below the surface and had a wonderful dive, marred only by the inability of my camera to focus, but I've included a fuzzy picture of the huge sleeping turtle we saw.
Desi was shivering upon return to the boat but after a hot shower and cleaning the dive gear we all felt better, except for Desi who managed to bump down the stairs of the companionway and got more bruises and a biggish abrasion on her arm. Luckily not only Agathe had a first aid kit but I got to use all the chemicals and training too (tincture of iodine, gauze bandage). Afterwards we went ashore for a walk on land and celebrated the onset of happy hour at the top of the hill with some Caribs and limes that I'd stuffed into my backpack.
Dinner that night wasn't spectacular as the wind kept on blowing out the BBQ and the corn on the cob I'd bought turned out to be precooked so after I cooked it again it was rather mushy. Nonetheless we'd worked up an appetite and finished it off.

Desi steering in seas and 27 knots Desi at the helm of Zanshin on the crossing from Anse Colombier to Ile Fourchue in St. Barths in heavy seas and 27 knots.
[17°56'4.34"N 62°53'6.29"W ]
Desi steering in seas and 27 knots
Really big turtle! Unfortunately, my camera wouldn't focus on this dive, but believe me, this was one large and impressive sleeping turtle!
[17°57'22.88"N 62°54'36.55"W ]
Really big turtle!
Agathe injures her foot Now even Agathe, who had hitherto remained unscathed on the trip, managed to cut her foot on the rocky beach of Ile Fourchue in St. Barths.
[17°57'23.12"N 62°54'9.84"W (facing S)]
Agathe injures her foot
Dinghy tied to a rock on Ile Fourchue In order to make sure that the dinghy doesn't float away on a rising tide, one should always tie the painter to a rock. Preferably a large rock.
[17°57'23.89"N 62°54'10.44"W ]
Dinghy tied to a rock on Ile Fourchue
Taking pictures of everything On top of Ile Fourchue, St. Barths, and there are numerous subjects for photography.
[17°57'27.31"N 62°54'4.29"W (facing NE)]
Taking pictures of everything
Ile Fourchue Vista The sunlight behind the clouds behind the anchorage at Ile Fourchue in St. Barths.
[17°57'26.76"N 62°54'3.51"W (facing W)]
Ile Fourchue Vista
Happy Hour on top of Ile Fourchue We'd carried some Carib and slices of lime up to the top of the hill at Ile Fourchue in St. Barths for a happy hour sundowner drink.
[17°57'30.27"N 62°54'0.64"W (facing SW)]
Happy Hour on top of Ile Fourchue
Arnd fooling with the camera Camera goes into the backpack, then out again.
[17°57'26.48"N 62°54'5.14"W ]
Arnd fooling with the camera
Prickly Pear Cactus Prickly Pear Cactus
[17°57'26.05"N 62°54'5.11"W ]
Prickly Pear Cactus
Rock Piles on Ile Fourchue These rock piles were to be found everywhere on Ile Fourchue and we added to several of them on our trip as well.
[17°57'26.48"N 62°54'5.14"W ]
Rock Piles on Ile Fourchue
Desi after the After her episode with the "Freezer Door of Death" she was cautious of the galley, but the "Stairs of Pain" managed to catch her unawares and we bandaged up her arm but the bruises on back just had to heal themselves.
[17°57'23.52"N 62°54'21.78"W (facing S)]
Desi after the "stairs of pain" episode
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