Although we'd planned on heading to Île Fourchue for a day of diving with Sally, Chris and Sean of Octopus Diving aboard the boat, the winds and waves were much stronger than we'd thought and we amended the plans so that we only motored to Île Tintamarre and instead of diving we just took a mooring and chilled. The motor up to Tintamarre was interesting in that we ended up amongst the main field of sailboats racing in the Heineken Regatta and they were, for the most part, overpowered for the conditions which made for interesting scenes as boats heeled far over and broached.
We did get some action at the mooring field as a German Jeanneau 53 at first anchored (where they shouldn't) then opted to take a mooring ball and it was a case of too many chiefs and too few Indians because we got a good 20-30 minutes of pure entertainment from them.
We fired up the barbie for some hamburgers and sausages while Agathe made a big salad for us and ended up doing a lot of nothing all afternoon, including feeding what we call the Tintamarre Piranhas who go into a feeding frenzy for bread crumbs and other edible refuse from the boat.
The return sail under genoa alone was a fast one and Chris and Sally kindly offered to let us use their car to drive to the big Heineken Regatta party at Kim Sha beach on the Dutch side. We got ready (which meant I showered and shaved and put on a shirt with a collar, but the girls dressed up in style) and departed for a night of partying. This we most likely did as we have a partial blackout and decided not to divulge the details. I do remember scenes of long traffic jams, Heineken beer, loud music and a strange memory of crème Brûlée with Nutella, chocolate fudge and Margarita / Presidente.

Chris and Sally Chris and Sally chilling on Zanshin as we prepare to head out to Tintamarre.
(2012-03-04 15:41:32 DMC-TZ10 [f/5.6, 10/5000s] ISO 125)
[18°6'20.74"N 63°3'27.59"W ]
Chris and Sally
Regatta racer Under a lot of sail, this raceboat in the Heineken 2012 Regatta is about to make the last tack to the upwind turn.
(2012-03-04 15:59:49 DMC-TZ10 [f/5.0, 10/6400s] ISO 125)
[18°7'9.85"N 63°3'23.66"W ]
Regatta racer
Windy conditions for  a Spi This spinnaker is not quite under control at the Heineken Regatta but the conditions are rather boisterous for using one.
(2012-03-04 16:04:49 DMC-TZ10 [f/5.6, 10/4000s] ISO 80)
[18°7'18.76"N 63°3'1.4"W ]
Windy conditions for a Spi
Raceboat broaching This boat repeatedly broached in the strong and gusty winds leading up to the turn at Anse Marcel on St. Martin.
(2012-03-04 15:54:43 DMC-TZ10 [f/5.6, 10/6400s] ISO 80)
[18°6'38.9"N 63°3'29.78"W ]
Raceboat broaching
Chilling at Tintamarre Chris, Sean, Desi and Agathe chilling on Zanshin at the mooring field at Ile Tintamarre
(2012-03-04 17:18:47 NIKON D7000 with a "18.0-200.0 mm f/3.5-5.6" lens. [f/10.0, 1/50s] ISO 100 Focus 3.76m)
Chilling at Tintamarre
Observing the Heineken Regatta Sean and Sally from Grand Case Octopus Diving aboard Zanshin and observing the Heineken Regatta boats race by.
(2012-03-04 16:04:34 DMC-TZ10 [f/4.0, 10/4000s] ISO 80)
[18°7'18.76"N 63°3'1.4"W ]
Observing the Heineken Regatta
Desi using her injured hand Desi managing to hold up an important and heavy object with her injured fingers while Chris and Sean cheer her on.
(2012-03-04 22:05:17 DMC-TZ10 [f/4.0, 10/3200s] ISO 100)
[18°6'56.62"N 62°59'20.64"W ]
Desi using her injured hand
Too many directions... Too many people on the bow of this Jeanneau 53 from Germany guaranteed that the mooring process wasn't going to go smoothly. It didn't and we got a good show for 30 minutes.
(2012-03-04 21:35:58 DMC-TZ10 [f/5.6, 10/5000s] ISO 100)
[18°6'56.85"N 62°59'20.7"W ]
Too many directions...
Mooring issues After dropping and weighing anchor and their 2nd attempt at getting a mooring ball, they realized that their anchor was still half out and had gotten entangled with the mooring line. After trying to lower and raise it, they ended up releasing the mooring, raising the anchor, and going back for another attempt.
(2012-03-04 21:41:47 DMC-TZ10 [f/4.7, 10/5000s] ISO 100)
[18°6'56.87"N 62°59'20.6"W ]
Mooring issues
Sally on the return sail Sally on the return sail
(2012-03-04 18:01:34 NIKON D7000 with a "18.0-200.0 mm f/3.5-5.6" lens. [f/10.0, 1/10s] ISO 100 Focus 7.94m)
Sally on the return sail
Grand Case Sunset Grand Case Sunset
(2012-03-04 23:08:27 DMC-TZ10 [f/5.6, 10/5000s] ISO 80)
[18°7'14.29"N 63°3'26.14"W ]
Grand Case Sunset
Dressed up for the Heineken Party Agathe and Desi all dressed up and ready to go to the 2012 Heineken Regatta party at Kim Sha Beach.
(2012-03-04 20:57:37 NIKON D7000 with a "18.0-200.0 mm f/3.5-5.6" lens. [f/3.8, 1/60s] ISO 800 Focus 2.24m)
Dressed up for the Heineken Party
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