Today was a rest and recuperation day for us all - after being up until about 3am the night before it certainly wasn't going to be much of an active day as we were all hung over to various degrees. I'd once again forgotten to turn off my 7am alarm and that early wake up call didn't get my day started off too well, but I later got some rest in the cockpit.
We didn't make it onto shore until the afternoon when we finished the PADI formalities for Desi and Agathe (payment, mug shots) and rented some equipment from Octopus diving so that we could explore the various dive locations on our own in the coming days. Apart from that we didn't manage to do much at all and had a nice steak dinner prior to going to bed.

French toast brekkie Our hangover breakfast (at about 11am or even later) after the long night out at Calmos Cafe the previous evening.
[18°6'18.23"N 63°3'28.66"W ]
French toast brekkie
Dive Buddies Dive buddies at the dock.
[18°6'13.35"N 63°3'19.99"W (facing NW)]
Dive Buddies
Arnd hard at work aboard Arnd working (on chess problems and at solving cold fusion) aboard the boat after a particularly long night out.
[18°6'16.58"N 63°3'23.94"W ]
Arnd hard at work aboard
Agathe's victory PADI photo Agathe getting her mug shot for the PADI certification done.
[18°6'16.97"N 63°3'12.43"W (facing SW)]
Agathe's victory PADI photo
Zanshin framed by Agathe and Desi Desi and Agathe at the Grand Case dock with Zanshin anchored in the distance.
[18°6'13.35"N 63°3'19.99"W (facing NW)]
Zanshin framed by Agathe and Desi
Desi getting her PADI mugshot Desi getting her PADI mugshot taken by Sally of Octopus Diving for the Open Water card.
[18°6'16.97"N 63°3'12.43"W (facing SW)]
Desi getting her PADI mugshot
Heineken Race yachts pass Creole Rock Some of the bigger and faster boats in the Heineken Regatta pass Creole Rock in Grand Case, St. Martin on the around-the-island race.
[18°6'17.06"N 63°3'26.73"W (facing N)]
Heineken Race yachts pass Creole Rock
Grand Case Heineken Regatta Panorama of Grand Case in St. Martin as some of the Heineken Regatta boats cruise by in the distance.
[18°6'16.8"N 63°3'25.18"W ]
Grand Case Heineken Regatta
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